Motivation and a pic

joans1976 Posts: 2,201 Member
Hello all! I started here in April 2016. I've had a tough week and decided to come read some success stories, they help motivate me! Everyone is so inspiring and as cheesy as it sounds I wouldn't have made it this far without MFP and all of your stories!
(I threw in a progress photo-halfway to my goal)


  • fposte2016
    fposte2016 Posts: 130 Member
    Wow, you look great and so much younger! I am getting by with the success stories too -- reminds me that voice in my head saying it can't be done is WRONG. You all are proof.
  • joans1976
    joans1976 Posts: 2,201 Member
    ^Thanks! I know coming here is like a really inspiring lecture-without the lecture!
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