Help me with avocado toast!

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I am new-ish to eating avocados. Aside from guacamole, I have never really had them. I am wanting to try avocado toasts for breakfast. My idea is to put an egg on top, sometimes fried, sometimes poached, maybe even hard boiled. You get the idea. Anyways, my question is, how do you season your avocado? Also, since it will really only be me eating them, how do I keep an avocado without it browning after I have cut into it? I am thinking I could get about 3-4 toasts out of one avocado, so I will need to be able to keep it.

I know with guac, the lime juice keeps it from browning and I always store guac with plastic wrap touching the top (so no air hits it). Is the idea the same? Should I mash the avocado all at once, season and store like guac?

Heck maybe I should just make guac for my toasts! I would love to hear your ideas!


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    I will mash the avocado and place in a small container with the pit in the center. I take plastic wrap (I like Press N Seal) and cover it directly on top, leaving no air bubbles, then put the container lid on. It's very important keep that pit and reduce contact with air.

    As far as seasoning, I may add a little salt, but that's it.
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    Try tajin classico seasoning on your avocado. It gives it a nice lime/chilli kick.

    As for storage, keep the pit in the side you are storing and wrap it with Saran Wrap. You can add a vitamin c tablet in there to keep it from browning further. It's the same citric acid they put in ready made guacamole to keep it green.
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    Run a knife around the circumference long ways, twist to open. Scoop out from the side without the seed, then put it back together and drop in a little tupperware container. We use the containers egg drop or wonton soup comes in. You do not need much added flavor. Just a bit of salt and maybe pepper go well.
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    Is raw milk legal in your state?
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    I'd try it made very imply first, then make adjustments to your taste. Maybe start this way:

    Oh, and on the storage - best way to store unused avocado halves is to remove the pit and place face down in a shallow amount of water or water + lemon juice. Mashed avocado I just accept will turn somewhat brown and do the best I can with coating with lemon juice and pressing plastic wrap onto the mash before sealing air tight.
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    I cut it in half and store the half with the pit in a plastic bag after squeezing a lemon or lime on it. Save fine for a day or so.

    For seasoning, I really only use a bit of salt. Love avocados.
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    Thanks everyone! My husband has a TON of vitamin C tablets, so I will try that idea.

    I am excited for a new meal idea!
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    I put garlic powder, pepper, and sea salt in mine once I mash it. Then top it with cut up hard boiled eggs or sliced tomatoes. One of my favorite snacks are "quesadillas" with guac and sliced tomato in a tortilla and grilled just like a regular quesadilla, minus the cheese.
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    I only season it with salt and wrap the rest on a plastic wrap (the leftover avocado in its skin with the pit). I never worry too much about the browning. I guess I always can do the lime juice but never do it. Gonna try the Vitamin C thingy. I love avocado with everything so the leftover doesn't last too long in the fridge.
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    I use a half or whole avocado depending on the size. To save a half, I put the side with the pit in a glass container pit side down.

    I like avocado toast with hot sauce and freshly group pepper. Sometimes with tomatoes or truffle salt.
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    I make pesto out of 1-2 avocados and eat it for a couple of days. Great on sandwiches or quesadillas.
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    Methinks you're overthinking this. Put bread on scale, tare and smear the amount of avocado you want. Sprinkle some salt.
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    I love avocado toast! Here are a few combos I really enjoy and I season them all with sea salt+pepper unless noted

    avocado+thinly sliced pickled beets (no salt+pepper)
    avocado+cherry tomatoes
    avocado+sliced cucumber+sprouts
    avocado+ arugula+sprinkle of feta cheese+a really light drizzle of balsamic vinegar

    Hope that gives you a few ideas and enjoy your avo-toasting
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    Something really good if you look it up is take half an avocado scoop a little extra out where the pit hole is and crack the egg inside sprinkle with salt, pepper, cayenne, and cheese and bake it then scoop all of it out onto toast when done. Super delicious! Keep pit in other side your not eating the pit helps keep it from browning and lightly squeeze some lime juice on it and wrap with the plastic wrap.
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    lemurcat12 wrote: »
    I cut it in half and store the half with the pit in a plastic bag after squeezing a lemon or lime on it. Save fine for a day or so.

    For seasoning, I really only use a bit of salt. Love avocados.

    I also love to add black pepper to my avocado. Tasty!
    arditarose wrote: »
    Methinks you're overthinking this. Put bread on scale, tare and smear the amount of avocado you want. Sprinkle some salt.
    Yes, this.
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    I'm currently wanting toast with avocado and tomato, but the avocados I found in the store yesterday were all disappointing, so I didn't buy any. Will try a different store today. (Tomatoes aren't a problem, other than figuring out how to eat them all.)
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    Unused avocado? Am I the only person who eats the whole thing in one sitting?
    I smash it on toast, 1 or 2 slices, grinding of salt and pepper, sprinkling of chilli flakes, job done.
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    Wheat sourdough toast + mashed avocado + nutritional yeast (I always found it in the bulk bins at grocery stores) was my favorite breakfast for a loooong time
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    Thanks! Awesome ideas here!
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    My food sealer is my best friend. I seal up the left overs (if there is any) Havent had any avocado for awile. . . hmm.
    Also bake em with egg in it. . yummy.