Ackward not fat not skinny weight

Anyone at this point or remember being at this point in there journey... At 175 im at that ackward weight were its a pain in the butt to find clothes... I went dress shopping today and it took forever to find clothes that fitnme right... Any suggestions on getting over this hump...


  • mary25osman
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    I was 114 lbs in December last year, 143 lbs now. I was underweight, but started gaining weight but a healthy weight. But my weight wouldn't stop gaining. I was also starting to walk, getting more active, still was gaining. Now I'm at that awkward not fat not skinny stage too... mostly my legs, butt and my baby belly... can't wear normal clothes anymore, have to wear lose, cuz my body stayed skinny from chest up but gained from waist down.... looks really awkward lol
  • indiecupcake89
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    I was very thin at 128lbs @5'9 and had to gain some to look healthy and now I gained too much at 152lbs looking not fat but not at my best either. I wanna lose 8 lbs again but it's so hard to get my body off of junk food again:/
  • KetoLady86
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    Im at an odd weight right night..169...I started at 199. I tried to go shopping the other day..nothing fits right...stay strong, itll get could be
  • jemhh
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    Are you talking between the women's and plus sizes? I remember that. It is a pain for sure! I found wrap dresses and twinset-style sweaters (thin cardigans) to work best.
  • NannersBalletLegs
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    I'm 5'3" and 176 lbs, and I feel your pain. I find that fit-and-flare dresses or high-waisted flared skirts paired with crop tops (or a tucked in top) work really well for this particular size. I can usually fit into a regular large in those styles. I suppose it also depends on your body type, though. I'm a pear, so it's my hips and love handles that cause all the problems for me, so that's why I go for the flared styles. I can't wait to be comfortably back in medium territory again, so that I can diversify my wardrobe. :/ Good luck finding things you like!
  • lorrpb
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    Keep losing and you'll be past this frustrating stage before you know it!