Need help not to fall over the edge

My aunt wedding in few days and the skirt barely fits . Don't let me talk about the crop top it won't fits at all . I had to replace it with another one I own. I really want to cry and hide .

this year was a living nightmare for me in most aspect of my life . My uncontrolled PCOS made it even worse for me and I didn't have time to see a doctor . Some days I couldn't move out of the bed or talk to any one . crying was an every otherday for me . I was so depressed don't even want to talk about those days. :(

I lost 2 km till now I was so happy and proud till I tried my clothes today :(


  • ahappieru
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    Stay strong
  • LEAS86
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    2kg is still a good loss - 1 crop top doesn't change that! Pick an outfit you feel good in and enjoy the day....then keep logging and one day you'll rock that top