Older yet determined to lose these last 10 lbs

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to join a group which consisted of a group of people that could relate to the struggles that one goes through in retaining the weight that they had when they were younger. The work environment has been bad to my waistline and slowly yet surely I am getting back in shape again. Looking forward to connecting with you through this forum.


  • PBWaffleCakes
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    Hello! I hope you find some people in a similar journey!
  • shakspeare99
    shakspeare99 Posts: 14 Member
    Thank you for taking the time to comment. Just got back home and will take a break and then go walking. Enjoy your evening!
  • davarse
    davarse Posts: 10 Member
    Hi. Yes age and office job have not been my friend. Fantastic effort with 10 pounds to go. Just starting my journey.
  • shakspeare99
    shakspeare99 Posts: 14 Member
    Very nice. Never too late to begin. We are all on our own journey and truly are not in competition with anyone else.
  • rosiesshire
    rosiesshire Posts: 13 Member
    I hear you, I'm 43 and have sat at 145-150 for 10 yrs, finally got so sick of it I doubled my run distances and it's finally coming off. Just finally convinced myself I ate way more than I wanted to admit. ;) Good luck!!!
  • lithezebra
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    Totally doable at any age! I'm smaller now than I was in high school.
  • shakspeare99
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    That's reassuring for me. I am 41 and have been trying for over 10 years for this extra weight to come off too. Best of luck to you both. Have a good nights rest.