New beginnings – with friends!

Hi everyone! I’ve been using MyFitnessPal off and on for a while now. I started using the app daily in March of 2015 and managed to lose 75 pounds in 6 months. I felt amazing and was extremely happy with my progress. I was exercising almost daily and eating around 1,500 – 1,800 calories per day. Then in June of last year, I stopped logging my meals on MyFitnessPal for a few days during a vacation and that became the catalyst for me falling off track. I made it through the holidays and gained around 10 pounds. After the New Year, I lost all motivation to get back on track and gained even more. On my one year anniversary of my weight loss journey, I attempted to regain focus by eating healthier again and exercising consistently. After a few weeks, I was back to my bad eating habits and no longer exercising. A few months past and I gained even more weight. Overall I gained around 40 pounds back of the 75 pounds I lost. I have been feeling really down on myself lately and started wearing only black shirts again because I’m embarrassed of how I look. My clothes aren’t fitting and I’m having to buy larger sizes. I never thought I would be a person who would have to “start over” but I refuse to give up on myself. It’s now the first day of September, 2016 and I’m ready to get back into the swing of things. I’m going to do my best and while I know I will mess up at some points, I will keep going. I invite you all to add me as a friend so that we can support each other and keep each other motivated to keep going every single day. Happy logging!