Getting out of a do you do it?

So I've found myself getting stuck in a rut...on and off for the last month. I'm getting cross with myself now because I just want to "get over it"

Things that seem to have stumped me:
> Cleaning getting the better of me
> Birthdays
> BBQ's
> Late nights at work
> Early mornings at work
> Lack of energy
> Missed gym visits
> Takeaway
> Feeling tearful and for no real reason

One of the above leads to another and I then do something stupid (late night at work + missed gym visit + lack of energy = takeaway or stressing about household chores + early morning at work = missed gym visit because I want to go home and clean but I'm then too tired too so = lack of energy, which then leads to stressing about chores not being done = tearful for a pathetic reason)

How do you stop the domino effect and how do you get back on the band wagon?

Any tips you have would be really helpful


  • dannybias46
    dannybias46 Posts: 31 Member
    A lot of ppl are in your situation. Take a step back and refocus. Your allowing your doubts to cause you to struggle. Everybody makes time for anything.
    I've been in fitness for 22 years.
    Sept. 10, 2010...I went into full blown afib. Heart rate was 254bpm....ER couldn't slow my heart down. Cardiologist came in after 4 hours and gave me the reality of the situation..if we can't slow his heart down he's is going to blow it up.
    3 hours later my heart rate dropped to 157bpm. And stayed there.
    Echo cardio gram discovered I also had cardiomonpathy. Hardening of the left ventricular valve wall....
    Heart cath showed no blockages...very minimal lining anywhere.
    Spent 11 days in hospital...
    They ended up cardioversion.....took me 2 1/2 years to recover from that.
    Went on and placed 2nd at the Nationals in Nov 2014...
    5th place at the Nationals in Nov 2015
    I could have found excuses to do other things but I made time for my health, heart and to not give in to discouragement...
  • perkymommy
    perkymommy Posts: 1,642 Member
    I lost 25 lbs earlier this year and regained 15 lbs in just the last couple months. I've been stuck in a huge rut! Feel free to add me as a friend for support. I'm starting back clean slate tomorrow!
  • bmclogins
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    I'd say be nicer to yourself. If missing a gym visit causes you to feel bad about yourself, then maybe you should just focus on the eating part for now. Focus on what you can do right now, and be proud of that. I think any kind of rut is just a symptom of being overwhelmed and not knowing which direction to take. So, simplify, and see how that goes. Just my two cents, as I have a tendency to be too ambitius and then I get overwhlemed and give up. Not a great pattern.
  • Nads36
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    Make it realistic...sounds like you can't achieve your current targets...can you not exercise at home? Or take up jogging? Something you can do at your doorstep....maybe start with just aiming for 3 days a week...and plan it on days you don't work. You sound like you are burnt need to try and take it easy too. When you work until late or start early don't exercise on those days....don't put pressure on yourself. Good know where I am!
  • Skrib69
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    Start again with baby steps. What is the ONE TING that will have the biggest impact on your situation? Some people can't relax if there is cleaning to be done. Others find the gym calming. You have a large list there. Pick your ONE THING and get good at getting it done. Cross it off the list, and repeat with the remaining items.