Classic example of click-bait weight loss articles

Saw this headline "Study reveals the food to avoid for rapid weight loss". Read the article ( and it first it tells you that vegetarians lose more weight than meat eaters.

Well that doesn't seem right - particularly given the number of vegetarians around here who have said that it's not true.

Read further on.. "oh, meat eaters only lose less weight if they don't otherwise pick "healthy" options and don't avoid fast food".

But wait, there's more.... the "study" was conducted by a weight-loss firm that sells supplements!

Way to go NZ Herald. This is a front page article on their website. They are supposed to have integrity, not run with tabloid-worthy stories.

No wonder some people get confused about their health and diet!


  • RoxieDawn
    RoxieDawn Posts: 15,491 Member
    Information in, and regurgitate it right back out.. Fear mongering again! The world will catch on eventually that we are not paying attention any more..

    Wait, its September 6th already where you live? I saw the time stamp on the article.. that was weird..