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mjj79 Posts: 415 Member
I'm back for what seems like the millionth time. I have a beautiful 8 week old son (and 5 others ages 7-12) . I'm looking for an active and supportive group of breastfeeding moms. I have 100 lbs to lose and I've barely lost 10 lbs since having the baby.


  • kasia_w
    kasia_w Posts: 9 Member
    I'll be there soon! I have about 5 weeks to go till my little girl here. I'm really anxious to get back to my pre baby weight, stay healthy and NOT compromise breast milk supply since I want to EBF. I'd love to find mommy's who are currently doing it or who hope to after their Littles are born too.
  • aleshapijan177
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    Breastfeeding momma to my 8 month old daughter! I have 25-30 lbs to lose we can do this!
  • Kfernmami
    Kfernmami Posts: 3 Member
    Breastfeeding mommy to a 6 week old son and I have 3 older daughters(2,7,9). I want to lose 65lbs.
  • holliehetho
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    Hey ladies!

    Breastfeeding my 8 month old, I didn't gain in pregnancy but it's so hard now!

    Hunger + tired + being at home where the food is haha!

    Will send you mummas a friend request X
  • f1tforever
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    Hey mommas!
    Breastfeeding my 41/2 month old. I lost all 25lbs gained from pregnancy rather quick in the first month doing nothing and have somehow managed to gain back 10 lbs in the last 4 months ! I would say a mix of no sleep, being home and next to the fridge and summer events. Breastfeeding makes me hungry!!! Lol .

    Looking to lose around 30 lbs ! I've set MFP to 2000 calories a day .