Any fitbit users?

Any fitbit uses? I can't see my adjusted calories on the app even tho I can see them on the website any ideas? Thanx


  • janetlcsw4740
    janetlcsw4740 Posts: 2 Member
    If you choose an active lifestyle, then you won't get an adjustment until you surpass the calories they've given you for being active.
  • Missbright14
    Missbright14 Posts: 57 Member
    Thanks. It does show on the MFP website that I have earnt 400 more calories today but when I go on the app I can't see them on there
  • adelealqotaibi
    adelealqotaibi Posts: 1 Member
    The MFP website also doesn't have any info that I have put in the app, like my meals etc do they not work together?
  • Missbright14
    Missbright14 Posts: 57 Member
    I've just realised I've actually got 2 accounts that's why my fitbit isn't linking up
  • Missbright14
    Missbright14 Posts: 57 Member
    If I had a brain I would be dangerous
  • jennifer_417
    jennifer_417 Posts: 12,344 Member
    The app won't show your MFP adjustment, that'll only show up in MFP. The app will show your overall calories burned.
  • rcktgirl05
    rcktgirl05 Posts: 87 Member
    I use Fitbit for exercise and MFP for food. I had to turn off apple health bc it was interfering with MFP syncing my steps with Fitbit. MFP will show extra calories I earn through exercise, and Fitbit will show my calories in from MFP. Everything is golden now.