What do people cut back on?



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    Instead of having a HUGE bowl of pasta, I have a _serving_ with lots of veggies & some meat.
    Probably equal amounts of meat & pasta, and twice as much veggies.
    The exception is tortellini or ravioli. Those just get sauce. But they're rare.

    I do have/keep/use rice (brown), quinoa, barley, and couscous.

    I still prefer regular soda most of the time, though I don't have it often... maybe once or twice a month as a treat, same as alcohol.
    Other than that, the only time I'll have it is a coke to try to head off a migraine. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. In July I had 3 weeks where my calories were shot to sh** because my brain was pretty much constantly in pain.
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    I cut back on portion sizes. 4 slices of pizza became 2 with a salad, a full plate of pasta became a 56g portion (or less) with vegetables. I don't go back for second helpings anymore.
    As for meal timing, I stop eating around 9 PM typically because my stomach is unhappy in the morning if I eat too much before falling asleep. Doesnt affect weight loss one way or another, it just affects the way I feel.
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    I stop eating at 6pm. I have troubles sleeping on a full stomach and I get huge stomach aches in the morning as well.

    My portion sizes have become a lot smaller for pasta but I still eat it at the same frequency. I'm not much of a soda type of person but I used to love sugary drinks (iced coffees, frapps, bubble tea). I don't drink them that much anymore but when I really want them, I will set aside calories for them-- and get a smaller size :).
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    Those noodles look good. I bought some "glass noodles" which were recommended to me but I didn't realise there were different types. The ones I have are made from mung bean they have carbs and not much else.

    I have the sweet potato glass noodles, which have 18 g of carbs per serving...but a serving is only 0.7 ounces dry, as opposed to 2 oz dry of wheat noodles.

    Also, I think they only work with Asian dishes, which is fine for me as I love Asian food, but they might not be a good substitute for someone looking to use them in European cooking.
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    People who eat pasta and drank soda do you conpletely cut back? What all do you do? Thanks also what time is best to stop eating at night?

    As to weight loss, I cut nothing out. I simply started eating less.

    As for medical issues, there is a lot I had to cut out just to start feeling some relief, but this has all been under the care of my GI. Otherwise, I have some food intolerance I've had for years (lactose and soy).

    To lose weight, there is nothing you (in the general sense, not you personally) need to cut out completely, you just need to eat less. :)
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    I rarely eat pasta for the reasons others mentioned: too many calories, and I don't like it enough for it to be worth it to me. Instead of rice, I eat "riced" cauliflower. I do like sauces, and I just put them on spaghetti squash or other vegetables. I also rarely drink soda. My drinks are black coffee, water and seltzer water. I don't eat a lot of meat, anyway, and if I have a burger, I eat it without a bun. I limit bread products to maybe a piece of Italian bread when I go out - there otherwise is no bread in my house.

    I tend to binge on fatty/fried foods and chips, so I limit those. Other than those things, my diet has always been healthy. When I gain weight, it's always because of the binge items being binged on too often and not my diet as a whole.

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    I cut back on soda when I realized how many calories it had. I find as long as I'm getting enough water and caffeine, I don't even crave it. Occasionally, I'll have a diet soda.
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    When cutting calories, something has to go. Where to cut will be individual. I sort of turned my diet and eating habits and attitudes upside down, in tiny increments. I used to eat boring diet foods for long periods, and then more and more sweets and junk food. Now I eat anything I want, but avoid trigger foods.

    Meal timing doesn't matter when it comes to weight loss. A cutoff for eating can make it easier to stick to calorie allowance, but no, you don't store calories eaten at certain times and use calories eaten at other times.

    How about parts of something, as in moderation? At least, that is how I look at it since I've really cut nothing out.

    I hear you on the diet foods. In fact, when I started to change my eating habits three years ago, I let go of diet foods and allowed back in all the foods I loved but had labeled as fattening or evil. Worked like a charm!

    For me, it's trigger situations rather than trigger foods. :)
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    Never drank sugary soda and if I did I'd probably have quit, as I hate drinking calories. Mostly I drink water, coffee, tea, homemade iced tea (no sugar), and stuff like LaCroix or an occasional diet coke.

    Pasta I still eat, but a serving. Usually whole grain, not always. I make it with lots of vegetables and lean meat or some other kind of protein and use a lot less cheese and oil than I used to, and find it healthy and filling for a reasonable number of calories (same as my usual meals).

    Meal timing doesn't matter, but I stop eating when I finish dinner/dessert since I dislike snacking for myself (personal thing). I usually eat dinner later, though, so this is around 10 pm quite frequently.
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    People who eat pasta and drank soda do you conpletely cut back? What all do you do? Thanks also what time is best to stop eating at night?

    I now eat less pasta and rice, and more protein and veggies.

    I eat much, much less bread and wine with meals.

    I'm not a soda drinker - I've always preferred tea.

    I have a light bedtime snack right before bed. Meal timing is only relevant for people with medical conditions like acid reflux.
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    I didn't drink beer often before my journey, but I've cut it almost completely. Mostly because I like craft beers which tend to be the 200+ calorie range and I rather eat solid food. :wink: I split one with my husband on occasion and I've recently increased my calories and reduced my loss per week goal, so I'll have more wiggle room. I recently went camping and brought MGD 64. It's drinkable, but it was weird to be drinking as much as everyone else and have no buzz whatsoever. LOL. For the most part, if I want to drink I'll have a rum and diet coke as I can make that work in my calories better and actually tastes good.
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    I eat less than i used to, in general. But my daily Creamette 150 spaghetti helps a lot to keep my fiber intake high. I am not satisfied with a 2oz serving, but 3 oz works well for me. It's not THAT many calories (150 cal per 2 oz seeving, hence the name), I have no problem fitting this in.
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    I cut back on calories and exercise sufficiently that I don't have to eliminate anything really. Diary is open.
  • MommyMeggo
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    I cut back on:

    White Bread and lettuce- bloats me
    Dairy- constipates me
    Soda- never drink it
    Alcohol- because a baby 5oz glass of wine to squeeze in was never enough.
    Cake/Cookies/Sweets- I have minimal will power- after a few weeks I dont even want any and candy is too sweet.

    I also cut back on:

    Scoffing at the mirror and compliments from my husband
    Attaching myself to my weight
    Replacing boredom, sadness, exhaustion and stress with food
    Shopping while hungry
    Simple carbs for breakfast
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    Switch to the Zero drinks.. coke zero, sprite zero, etc. You will see the weight come off.
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    I cut out endless snacking, and most desserts. I substituted sherbet for ice cream.
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    For soda I drink brands like La Croix or off brands for the fizz taste. At first it was hard to drink because of how bitter it seemed compared to the sugary soda, but once you get used to it, it is not so bad. I also went from drinking soda, to diet soda, to coke zero, and then to brands like La Croix which helped as a steady decline.

    for pasta some brands make their noodles out of veggies and they are less fat and more fiber filled than regular noodles. Even more so than the wheat noodles. I usually stick to those. Just look around your pasta section at your grocery store, they should have them in stock.
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    Bread, haven't eaten bread for months
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    Estefani_H wrote: »
    People who eat pasta and drank soda do you conpletely cut back? What all do you do? Thanks also what time is best to stop eating at night?

    I cut back on portions of things first and foremost. There's nothing wrong with pasta and I eat it regularly...in appropriate portions. I drank a lot of soda and I weened myself off of that...used to drink 3-6 sodas daily...cut it out completely for awhile but now I have a soda every now and then...probably like 6 per year or something. I introduced a lot more veg and some fruit into my diet and cut back on "junk".
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    I switched to Coke Zero