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New to MFP considering dumping WW

Hello everyone. I've been on WW since June 2016. I've basically been hungry since June. I've lost 20 lbs. I have over 100 more lbs to go. It was the second time I tried WW. Last time I did the Points Plus system and I remember being even hungrier on that program. Since MFP is free and it looks like it's more flexible, allowing more calories for a .5 lb weight loss per week [I'm in no hurry], MFP just looks more doable to me. I signed up and made a MFP account this morning.

I could do WW in conjunction with MFP, but I'm not sure I see a point to it anymore. On the days I was the hungriest on WW I had only eaten 1700 calories on . MFP is going to allow me 2250 calories. That seems like the perfect buffer for me because a person can only eat so much salad leaves and zero point veggie soup to stay out of the crazy I'm gonna binge zone. It takes 3575 calories to maintain my current weight.

I just find it difficult to create a proper nutritional balance while staying within the WW points allotted to me. I've already had an easier time of it recording my breakfast coffee and creamer into the MFP database. The WW website is very lack luster in so many ways. I'm currently cut-off from the community because I don't have a smart phone. Their community app is that limited, it only works for a smart phone and only one kind of smart phone at that.

I look forward to meeting fellow MFP trackers and making friends.

Female/ Age 42/ Married/ Adult son/SW 295 lbs/CW 275 lbs/GW 150 lbs


  • amysuemartin718
    amysuemartin718 Posts: 99 Member
    Welcome! I think you are going to love MFP! I love it! This is my second time using it and it is so easy and I love the support! I've sent you a friend request.
  • kellyfreddie2016
    Hi how r u x
  • worklogue
    worklogue Posts: 31 Member
  • stickkop
    stickkop Posts: 24 Member
    as a long time WW member (who has since cancelled) I think you will be very happy just using MFP.
  • PinkPixiexox
    PinkPixiexox Posts: 4,142 Member
    Hi :)

    I was a WW member for over a year and then I discovered MFP and never, ever looked back. To me, WW is very restrictive and doesn't encourage a healthy relationship to food in general. Not only is the new system hugely complicated, but being constantly asked "Where I went wrong" when attending my weigh-in and not seeing a loss every week was getting old fast. How about give MFP a go for a while and see how you feel after a few weeks? MFP, in my opinion - definitely gives you the opportunity to live like a normal human being instead of a rabbit living on lettuce ;)!
  • ecsumaria
    ecsumaria Posts: 27 Member
    I am back to My Fitness Pal after literally JUST cancelling my weight watchers membership five minutes ago :)
    I actually PREFER MFP to weight watchers because I know what I did wasn't healthy- I would binge eat after my weigh in and go crazy the day after because "I had a week to lose the weight". I am sick of the same stupid comments in the meetings and feeling bad for myself after gaining .2 lbs and getting off track. I think the online support here is great (the weight watchers community posts aren't user friendly, I could never figure them out) and I don't really like having to think about points ALL day long. Let's become friends here and support each other! :)
  • amandavgomez
    amandavgomez Posts: 31 Member
    Hello! I'm new here myself. I've never tried WW. But my Dr suggested a prediabetic diet of 60g of carbs per meal. I tried that and felt like i was starving. Like, i want to lose weight and get fit but not if i have to starve.
    My biggest problem is i dont eat enough and when i do eat it's the wrong things. It makes it very hard to lose weight.
    Tracking my foods is helping me see what items to avoid and what things i need more of. Tracking my steps too. I plan to join a gym soon.