vegan meal services

Just wanted to throw my 2¢ in about what I tried. I tried 22 days nutrition vegan meal delivery service and I also tried Veestro.

22 days: save your money. Yuck. Almost every meal was bland and overall, just not very tasty. I personally like to ensure i get 20grams of protein each meal and I think one out of the entire week's worth of meals actually met that. Save your money and don't buy. (And no I didn't turn into or feel like Beyoncé after eating 22days)

Veestro: Yummmm. So far I have really enjoyed every meal. Only downside is that most of the meals don't have 20grams of protein that I like to get. Personally, I like Veestro enough to use as a supplemental meal when I have busy times of the year and need to stay on track.

Has anyone tried any other vegan meal services? I'd love your input.

(Note: I am a longtime vegetarian who eats eggs, but no cheese, which is why I try to get the vegan meals.)