Feel like I'm slipping

I've been actively trying to lose weight, this time, since March. I'm down appx 45 lbs, starting out at consuming appx 1200 calories, moving it up to 1500, and have recently increased to 1600. I was walking 5-6 days a week, then started jogging. 1.5 months ago, I pulled a muscle, which is still trying to heal, so I backed off exercising (after 3 weeks of continuing to exercise with a very painful calf), and am now reincorporating my elliptical machine instead of jogging. Also, I plan on beginning weight training, as that just makes good sense. I'm slowly increasing my calorie intake to match the TDEE goal (as set by Scoobyworkshop),which would be 2000 cals (5'10" 48year old female at a 20% calorie reduction, exercising 3-5 times a week). The main reason I'm doing this is because losing weight, and then maintaining, on 1500-1600 calories just doesn't seem realistic, and I'm trying to focus on a lifestyle change as opposed to a diet.

All that being said, I feel very conflicted about increasing my cal's. I REALLY don't want stop losing at the rate I've been losing, but I also want to stop the cycle of plateaus that I'm starting to experience. AND, I was wanting to get to 170 (currently 216) by my anniversary vacation in Kauai end of November, which now is likely not going to happen. AND I'm worried that I'll end up just giving up and gaining it all back again, as is typical with me. AND, I'm just worried! For some reason, the last few days I've just felt like this is all for naught. I've had some health issues that manifested this year, so not getting to a healthy weight is just not an option. I really need this to stick! ARGH!

I just feel kinda depressed, and like I want to quit trying. I hate feeling like this. Someone tell me this is normal and will pass..


  • professorhuggins
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    this is normal. it will pass. sounds like you have done a great job so far, and want to change your life instead of just dropping some weight. don't be afraid to slow down, as it will have to happen at some point...you can't drop down to zero! switch things up and keep on tracking; remember you can always go back if it isn't working!

    i can certainly relate, though, over the last 3 months i have gained about six pounds after losing over 100 in two years. i know its because my wife and i just had a baby, and its harder to make good choices when you are sleep deprived, but its stressful nonetheless. now i'm back to working on it daily and things are turning around. you will, too!
  • Lizzy622
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    Don't give up the healthy habits you've established. Maintain for awhile so you can heal and take care of your other health issues but keep logging and tracking.
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    Thanks for the support! Funny how sometimes little bumps in the road can really weigh on you. Onward!

    And ProfHugg, Congrats on the baby!