Same diet - sudden gas & distension onset?

ahoy_m8 Posts: 3,053 Member
Has anyone experienced feeling unusually bloated for 2 weeks? Were you able to correlate it to anything?

I definitely feel distinctly different from normal, but cannot think of anything I'm doing differently with diet, exercise, sleep, etc. Stepped into the shower the other day and didn't recognize myself in the mirror. My weight is up ~2lb over trend that I can't account for with CICO, so I'm pretty sure there's water retention, plus the abdominal pressure feels like gas.

Mysterious. Any insight appreciated.


  • dopeysmelly
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    You could be fighting a virus.
  • Troutsy
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    Could be heading towards your time of the month.
  • mysticlizard
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    Stress can do funny things to your body.
  • ahoy_m8
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    virus hypothesis is intriguing... will have to google. Thanks.

    TOM was my first thought, too. It was at the very beginning, so I attributed it to that (even though it is uncommon for me.) Now it's 2 weeks later and appreciably worse, so TOM less likely to be a factor? I never bloat around ovulation. It's just not my pattern.
  • ds41980
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    Have you been eating a lot of raw vegetables or spicy foods? Sometimes in sensitive people a part of the intestine known as the ileocecal valve will dysfunction causing bloat and sometimes pain on the right side. With this comes water weight that is fighting off inflammation (swelling). You can google ileocecal valve syndrome for more info