New moms trying to get back in shape-? (:

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I'm a first time Mom to a sweet 8 month old baby boy. I'm really trying to loose 25 pounds . I'm hoping theres some mamas that Wanna be friends and be in this weightloss journey together. I have tried one two many times and this time I'm not giving up. I have lost weight before ( 16 pounds in 2 months when i was 15 and i was over weight just by working out and cutting out soda ) i was so motivated back then. But when i got married i started getting bad eating habbits and two years later i had a baby and i really Wanna get healthy, not just for me But for him. Please comment and or friend me!! (:


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    Add me not a new mom but I'm a mom of three youngest is four
  • Im a mom of a 3 1/2 year old. Im looking to lose 30 lbs. I need motivation too.
  • Hi! I'm a mom of a six year old boy and a one year old girl.
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    The struggle is real! I am a mom to a 2 year old and 1 year old. After gaining a ton of weight with my first, I worked really hard and was super motivated to lose the baby weight (in a healthy way). After he was born I lost 50 lbs within 6 months. I was floating on cloud 9! Then my husband and I found out were expecting baby #2! While I worked hard not to gain as much weight with our second it was a bummer to work so hard and put on almost all of the weight again! My second is now 15 months old and I've lost 60lbs again but am still looking to build lean muscle and reduce body fat. I''ve been working out consistently and on a healthy nutrition plan but I definitely need more and more motivation! I have about 15 lbs I would love to lose and I've been stuck for the last 6 months!
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    I'm a mom of a 2 year old very active boy! I've lost 20 pounds so far but want to lose 30 more so we can try for a second baby... add me girls :)
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    Not only am I a first time mom to an almost 3 month old little boy but I have a physical disability that makes excercising a challenge. I lost all the weight I gained during pregnancy but was pretty over weight before so I want to lose more weight but 20 pounds at a time. So motivation would be great add me
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    I became a mummy in March, trying to lose weight while still on maternity. Unfortunately I lost my baby to meningitis, trying to focus on getting fit.
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    Im a stay at home mom of7month old twin boys. while breastfeeding i lost my 41 pound gain. Since I've quit bf, I've gained it all back plus5extra.
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    It's easy to fall back into bad habits. I feel you. My weakness is soda which is real kicker to quit. I became a second time mom to lovely baby girl in August and am just now getting back into a fitness after a four year lapse after having my first child. I didn't realize how out of shape I was until I went to stretch and pulled a muscle (ouch). I was wondering what other moms fitness plans were to attack the dreaded belly bulge.
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    I became a mummy in March, trying to lose weight while still on maternity. Unfortunately I lost my baby to meningitis, trying to focus on getting fit.

    I am so so sorry to hear that.
    I won't pretend that I can understand but I would just like to express my deepest sympathy at what I am sure is a truly horrible time.