Anyone's fitbit not syncing to MFP again?


  • shellygw
    shellygw Posts: 33 Member
    Mine hasn't since the trouble first started... :(
  • Missbright14
    Missbright14 Posts: 57 Member
    Mine started again a bit after must have been going slow. Has yours not synced at all?
  • SCoil123
    SCoil123 Posts: 2,108 Member
    Mine synced back up today
  • CoffeeNCardio
    CoffeeNCardio Posts: 1,847 Member
    Mine is fine. My husband's was all messed up. Go into the app, menu, scroll down to steps and make sure that the source of step count is set to fitbit, then force close and reopen the app. It will probably correct itself by midnight. My husband's didn't show anything in the exercise calories for the day we did that, but steps showed up very quickly and then exercise showed up thee following day.

    The MyFitnessPal app update seems to have caused this issue where it stops fitbit being the selected source of step count and defaults you back to "do not count". Give that a try
  • hyperbeth1
    hyperbeth1 Posts: 69 Member
    I had to restart my phone.