C25K - Who's with me?

I started c25k this morning. I started a few years ago but only made it to week 4. I KNOW it works, I just had no motivation and I gave up. I was wondering if anyone else started recently who wants to add me so we can stay motivated? I was also wondering whether for the first couple of weeks I should do it 5 days a week instead of 3 as I'm not finding it too difficult, or should I just stick to the 3 days?
Feel free to add me!!


  • LEAS86
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    I downloaded the app last week then life happened. Next week (as soon as my partner is back from working away and can cover childcare!) I'm on it.
    Like you I tried it around a year ago then lost motivation at about week 4. I'd say stick to the 3 days - maybe throw some body weight exercises in on your non running days?!
  • I recently finished.. from everything that I experienced and was recommended, stick with the 3 days a week. You don't want to push it too much and risk injury. Do other exercises on the other days, be sure to take one day to rest completely.
  • TavistockToad
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    I'd stick with 3 days, but if you can easily do the running intervals, skip and week and see how that feels.
  • jdawson002
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    As others have said, stick to 3 days. I pushed myself too hard and fast and ended up quitting due to injury.
  • HaleCry
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    Thanks everyone☺️
  • Fitgirllife72
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    If it feels too easy you could always try increasing your speed. My son and I are pushing ourselves pretty hard and fast during the walk and run intervals because for us week 2 is very easy otherwise. I am running only the 3 days but am doing different workouts on 5 days also.
  • Raptor2763
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    Ok, I'm going to parade my ignorance -- what's C25k?
  • JamestheLiar
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    C25K is a beginner running plan. "Couch to 5k." It even has a nifty little app you can install on your phone that tells you when to walk and when to run.
  • HiJacki
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    I started it a few weeks ago and am now on week 7. I can hardly believe it.

    I would say stick to the 3x a week. You need to give your body proper recovery time and to prevent injury, as someone has already said. On my "off days" I do yoga or I go rock climbing. Find something that works for you.

    I wish you the best. It seems like such a long journey, but like you said, it really works. Good luck!
  • jshaps7
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    I just started it yesterday as well. I've done the program quite a few times - sometimes stopping due to injuries or lack of motivation, but I've also completed it twice. I keep coming back to it because the program is very doable even if it seems daunting.

    I'd also stick with 3x per week mainly because even if you feel good during the run, I've found myself quite sore after. Also, it's going to get harder soon! Good luck!
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    I wish I could but I no longer own a smart phone.
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    I'm on week 2 but I'm doing it on the treadmill right now. Feel free to add me if you like. I do it 3 days as instructed but on Saturday I do go to the park and just freestyle walk/jog.
  • indiacaitlin
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    I ran week 5 day 1 this evening :) enjoying it so far but the runs are getting longer now so it's getting tougher! Best of luck to everyone doing it. I'm also doing it at home on a treadmill at the moment (set at an incline) and will hopefully start going outside when my fitness levels get a bit better.