Personal many times per week?

Hello! I have hired a personal trainer for Wright training only 2 times per week. I will continue cardio on my own, as I am limited due to a knee injury. Is twice weekly enough to make a dent? New to having a PT and very excited!


  • lorrpb
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    Twice a week was enough for me. I made huge progress.
  • mrp56839
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    I've been seeing mine twice a week for almost a year (I think next week is our gymaversary, actually). I'd like to see him 3x, but my calendar won't allow it.

    I've still made huge gains at twice a week and with a consistant diet, lost about 65lbs.
  • arditarose
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    Yes, I started with once per week because it was all I could afford and it did the trick. I obviously had to lift on my own another 2-3x though.
  • Packerjohn
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    A good trainer should give you routines to do on your own (after the trainer teaches you proper form). After the first few weeks should be able to do 1 trainer session every week or 2.
  • canadianlbs
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    i think it depends what you need. i go once a week to a lifting 'club' run by a trainer, where he takes no more than four people per session and gives individualized attention as needed while they do their workouts. the rest of the time i follow the programme he and i have worked out for me, but i do it solo in the public rec centre system.

    it's a great balance for me. continuous one-on-one attention would make me crazy and self-conscious even if it was just for one session per week, no matter how much i liked the trainer and how good they were. but i really like the club format for the sanity check, the fact that expertise is there if i need it, the cameraderie and the enormous amount i can learn from being around while other lifters far more advanced than me are doing their stuff in the same space.

    and i like the feeling that this way i'm not totally trainer-dependent. i learn while i'm in his space, then i go off and do it by myself, then i go back and do it in his space and get those little feedback points on whether or not my independent application of the information is drifting off track or not.
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    It's all about your work ethic. Once a week to once every other week works for me, but I also have the added benefit that my trainer runs a free group class.
  • Lesley2603
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    I've been with my trainer for nearly a year and work with him twice a week. I also do a Pilates class and then cardio on my own, I was 196 lbs this time last year and am mow 145 lbs. definitely worth it although if money were no object and I had no time limits I would see him 7/7.
  • Neanbean13
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    i started 3 days for strength training then down to 2 then 1 now im off seeing if i can do it on my own. Ive done a bit of research in fitness and personal training and theres a lot of 'trainers' out there teaching bad form and arent knowledgeable about body imbalances, mobility or even demonstrate clients to get into good habits like warming up and stretching. People get results and think their trainer is 'excellent'. Depends what u going to yiur PT for, weight loss via HIIT exercises and body conditioning is normally ok but if you into weights id advise to perhaps go to a sports physio and ask for a body/mobility assessment you can get them to write their findings and give to your PT before starting.
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    When I started with my trainer I went once per week...I didn't see any reason to do more as he gave me a plan to work with. After awhile we reduced that to twice per I train with him once every few months or so when we're going to switch up some programming or I've hit plateaus or whatever...

    If you're doing the work you'll see the results...trainer or no trainer...the trainer isn't doing the work.
  • socioseguro
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    Once a week for me.
    My trainer gaves me a copy of the exercise plan and I follow on my own 2 other days with same plan and 2 other days with plan from previous weeks
    It works for me