Suggestions for vitamins...what kind for 45 yr old woman and what do you notice as great benefits of each that you take? Thanks in advance


  • kala2032
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    I am a gastric bypass patient (RnY) and I can tell you what I take:
    2 Children's Chewable complete Multivitamins- Make sure it says complete. it doesnt have to be chewable but make sure it is a Complete Multivitamin. That will have your Iron in it. if its a regular complete Complete Multivitamin not a chewable just take one.
    2-Calcium with Vitamin D -for bone loss
    b-12 injections but you can take it in pill form or subligual (under the tounge)- energy
    Biotin-great for nails and hair
  • applesandtapeline
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    Minerals (spirulina, wheatgrass..)
    Vit E oil capsules
    Primrose oil in capsules (regulates hormonal system, helps PMS etc.)
    Vit D oil in capsules (if you live on northern hemisphere)
    Glucosamine (for joints)
  • tofuligan
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    I agree with the blood work recommendation. After I got it done, it turns out I desperately needed a D supplement, and taking it changed my healthy drastically. I'm also a big fan of vitamin C--placeblo or not, I've felt a lot healthier since I started taking high regular doses
  • Alatariel75
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    Vitamins are useless unless you have a deficiency - you don't get extra points for going over. You just pee it out, generally. So your best bet is to get blood work done so you know what you need.

    Having said that, a large proportion of the population are Vitamin D deficient. It is very difficult to get Vitamin D from food (it mostly comes from sun), so a supplement is a good idea for many people, especially if you live somewhere with long winters, or don't get out in the sun much.