Finding Motivation

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For awhile I had been around 215 and wanted to get down to 205/200. Now that I have been recovering from ankle surgery I am up to 225, I feel more urgency to lose the lbs now, I feel anxious, sad and pissed off ! I want to wear big clothes and stay in the house ! I feel sick to my stomach !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not looking for encouragement from anyone, I've been here before, I know what to do, I've been staying around 2100 cal/ a day for 2 weeks and slowly getting exercise back in.

I want to encourage anyone reading this... get angry that your weight is getting you down and do something about it !!!!


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    Thanks for posting.

    I've gradually gained back 20 pounds and have only recently gotten back on track. I haven't gained it all back - thank goodness! - but it is about darn time I got back on track.

    Thanks for reminding me how mad I got when I gained the weight.