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Is losing weight slowly really worth it

Hey everyone! I know a lot of people say slower weight loss is better because then it is permanent and not just water. I agree which is why I set my weight loss to only 1lb a week and I am good with it. I just wanted to hear your opinions ? :)


  • Blondieeee26
    Blondieeee26 Posts: 12 Member
    Also looking for motivation from people who have lost slowly and kept it off.
  • sammyliftsandeats
    sammyliftsandeats Posts: 2,421 Member
    Slower weight loss is key because you are less likely to develop problems such as hair and muscle loss, fatigue, etc that sometimes can come from more rapid weight loss.

    When you lose weight, you lose fat, water, and muscle. You don't want to lose muscle as it is hard to get back and can lower your Basal Metabolic Rate.
  • socioseguro
    socioseguro Posts: 1,679 Member
    Losing weight slowly is helpful with excess skin. My body was able to absorb the extra skin without unsightly bulges.
    I started with 0.5 pound per week and the last 10 pounds decreasing rate was 1 pound per month in average (0.25 lbs per week). There were weeks without any weight decrease and then a whoosh.
  • Gallowmere1984
    Gallowmere1984 Posts: 6,626 Member
    When cutting, I want to rip through it as fast as possible. The sooner I get fat off and can increase calories again, the sooner I can get back to acceptable training volumes and frequencies.

    That said, the protocols that I use are not meant to be sustainable, and wouldn't be a good idea for someone looking to make a "lifestyle change" out of it. It's a short term fat blast before going back into a passable surplus. As for the water weight thing: even my surplus is a CKD, so that doesn't apply as much to how I do things.
  • janekana
    janekana Posts: 151 Member
    Yes, because I've seen so many people who use fad diets (detox juices only for a week, water only, etc.) and they have lost 15kgs in a single week. However, they also bounce back just as fast, and sometimes they go further than their starting weight. I also want to achieve this in a way that will not make me miserable for myself and the people around me.

    I have found that weighing myself only once a week or once per two weeks kept me motivated a lot, because even though it's a slow loss of probably 1 lbs/week, I see that I've lost 2 kgs since the last time I've weighted myself because 2 weeks would have passed. Last time around, I used to weigh myself every day and it dampened my spirits because I didn't see a loss, or I would see a small gain instead. I knew that they were fluctuations, but it still got me down so I changed it up, I'm much happier now! :)
  • zharptichka
    zharptichka Posts: 127 Member
    There was a really interesting article in the NYTimes following up with the biggest loser contestants. Many of them had gained weight back and all of them had greatly reduced metabolisms for example one contestant's body burns 800 calories fewer a day than a person at the same weight who had never been fat. One of the speculations was that losing so much weight so quickly was the problem and that there's less of a metabolic impact if you lose at a slower rate (1% of body weight a week). Regardless I would think going at a slower rate would make it easier to figure out how much you can eat and how much you need to exercise to maintain since most people with a lot to lose start at 2ish lbs a week then as they lose switch to 1lb then to .5 lbs etc.

    If you have a lot to lose it also helps with skin because your skin has more time to tighten up as your losing.

    If you only have a very small weight to lose I'm not sure how much difference fast versus slow would make beyond being more likely to put it right back on.
  • SueInAz
    SueInAz Posts: 6,592 Member
    Losing slower is more about making this a lifestyle change than trying to drop X amount of pounds as fast as possible so you can go back to the way you used to eat (and eventually return to your original weight). Theoretically, you could figure out how many calories it would take you to maintain your goal weight and then just start eating that many calories per day, plus exercise calories, until you reached it and then continue on. It could take awhile that way but you'd certainly learn how to eat to successfully maintain your desired weight.
  • DebSozo
    DebSozo Posts: 2,578 Member
    kshama2001 wrote: »
    I've been losing weight slowly and steadily. I'm only hungry right before meals, don't feel deprived, don't even feel like I'm dieting.

    That is terrific.
  • Cbestinme
    Cbestinme Posts: 397 Member
    I think weight loss rate should reflect the urgency of your situation. If you have a lot to lose, you can and should lose faster. 1% of your body weight per week is a good rule of thumb as long as there is too much of you.

    Excellent advice!