For Ladies... Help!

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Okay... this is my warning to all men, that I will be talking about and asking questions about that time of the month, so you may wish to stop reading now.

For the ladies...

What do you do when you are hit hard with that time of the month?

I have headaches, cramping, joints sore... I'm currently sitting with a heating pad, having taken pain meds and no relief yet.

I only have 5000 of my 10,000 goal steps for the day. I was supposed to do Water Areobics tonight, but don't think that's a good thing to happen now.

Would you push through and get those 10,000 steps anyhow? Would you allow your body to relax? I feel guilty that I'm not even going to the Water Areobics. I'm all emotional, sad about it.

ACK! I don't know what to do. Any feedback?


  • arditarose
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    I'd walk, yeah. It makes me feel better. The only time I skip a workout is if I feel like I have a cyst that's burst after ovulation.
  • sharunza
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    I exercise with less intensity. But my cramps aren't debilitating, so it may be easier said than done.
  • Lounmoun
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    You don't have to warn or apologize to men for talking about your period.
    Do what you feel able to do. Do light exercise or no exercise if you want.
    Have a maintenance calorie day and don't stress about it.
    Take a warm bath, drink some tea or have a nap if that is what makes you feel better.
    No guilt needed about taking it easy for a day or two.
  • courtneyfabulous
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    Relax. Lay on the couch and watch Netflix. You can workout when you feel better.
  • renae161
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    I wouldn't advise going to water aerobics even with a tampon on just to be on the safe side. And, honestly if the pain is too much then I'd take a mandatory rest day, but other than that I'd most likely take some midol and Id push through my workout. But, I also mainly workout at home where I'm nearby a restroom. If you won't have a restroom near you, then it's really up to you and how bad your flow is. Best of luck!
  • sadyia15
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    If your feeling sluggish then yh take a time out until you start feeling a bit better. Personally I don't wrk out wen I'm on but I try to walk when I can. U have to listen to your body and not over do it. You need to relax and try and find a good distraction. Maybe soak ur feet and breathing exercises.
  • melodydee66
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    Thank everyone for your great advice and support. I really needed that. I did end up getting 8,500 steps, but wasn't able to hit the 10,000 mark. I relaxed a bit and today I'm still cramping pretty hard. I will do what I can and then up things once I'm done.
  • luckyjen76
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    I push through it makes my cramps and everything go away way faster, the weight gain I get is discouraging but I know it's only temporary, don't beat yourself up about do whatever you think is best for you, best of luck