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Lesley2603 Posts: 119 Member
One year ago today I walked into a gym for the first time in my life. I was terrified! I felt so out of place, was old (57) and fat (weighed 88.5kg (195 lbs) and couldn't quite believe what I was getting myself into. I looked at all the weights and machines and wanted to run. I had an assessment with a trainer and while we were going through the boring and embarrassing things like measurements and weight and talking about my food, I could hear someone lifting weights and grunting and that scared me even more. Fortunately my trainer was gentle with me to start with, for the past year he has encouraged me,pushed me, laughed with me, and celebrated with me. My weight today is 64.9 kg (143 lbs), I have lost more than 40" over all and the gym instead of being a fearful place is my second home.cfx0pldkw1pm.jpg
Photo one was taken one week before I entered the gym for the first time, second photo was taken by my trainer post workout yesterday. only thing that hasn't dropped is the age, in fact that's increased :)


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