decreasing rate of loss

I guess i want a little reassurance from experienced ppl that i will still loose weight not that i decreased my weight loss from 1lb/wk to 1/2lb/wk. I'm not in a hurry i just want to keep loosing. I've just had an appetite with the change in the weather & thought it best to increase my calorie intake & still loose weight rather than being stressed out if i go over


  • malibu927
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    If you're still in a deficit, you'll lose. But with a smaller deficit, you'll have to be even more precise about your logging. If you haven't yet, buying a food scale will help you out tremendously.
  • Evamutt
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    I've been using a scale from the beginning. I'm actually not planing to eat the whole allowed calories per day. mfp increased my daily calories 260 more, so i may go over 100-150 more but i'm going to try not to. I just want something hot to eat in the evening sometimes like hot soup or hot oatmeal.