To weigh or not to weigh

Does anybody not weigh their self at all? I find my motivation can go up and down depending on the what the scales say.
Does anybody find it best to weigh at all? Or just very infrequent?


  • PennWalker
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    I weigh every day and don't pay attention to the fluctuations in my weight. My problem is I stop thinking about my weight when I don't weigh -- the weighing keeps me aware of my health. The fluctuations are normal. My weight can change about 3 or more pounds depending on if I've eaten, if I ate something with a lot of sodium, or if I have new exercise (it makes tiny tears in the muscle so your body keeps water to repair them).

    If the weighing bothers you, who not just weigh once a week or less. You can even weigh yourself in a pharmacy and not keep a scale at home.
  • Missbright14
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    I think I might try weighing myself once a month and see how I go with that. Hopefully it will be a nice suprise after not weighing for a month! X
  • ashlepersuasion
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    I weigh myself almost everyday. It keeps me motivated to stay on track.
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    alqotaibi wrote: »
    I think I might try weighing myself once a month and see how I go with that. Hopefully it will be a nice suprise after not weighing for a month! X

    What happens if you weigh after a month and haven't lost weight due to water retention? I think weighing more frequently is better than less frequently as long as you can look at the big picture.
  • workinonit1956
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    I weigh a couple times a month. My eating is on point, so *most* times I see a lower number which makes my day and spurs me onward. lol
  • lenhill04
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    I have to weigh everyday to keep me motivated, to see if what I'm doing is working or not. I think that if I stayed away from the scale I'd be more inclined to cheat more because "I have another week before I have to weigh, so I can get the weight back off before I notice it"
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    I've gone both routes with this. In March, I started going to the gym 5-6 days a week doing both cardio and strength training. I made a vow to myself that I wouldn't weigh myself at all for at least a month. I was feeling amazing, and could see changes happening with my body (even though I wasn't really serious about the nutrition factor). I was crushed when I stepped on the scale after a month and it hadn't changed at all. The number on the scale completely overshadowed the fact that I could feel and see results starting to happen.

    Now I take the other route, and weigh myself each morning. I like to see even the slightest change in the scale, and it's enough to keep me motivated each day to keep my nutrition in check. And if the number goes up, I know it's just a matter of time before it goes down again.
  • EttaMaeMartin
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    i dont weigh myself i go by how i look and ho clothes fit

    ditto to that! one simple number can ruin my day ,week,month and my self esteem. i also log all foods and go by my size 4 pants. if they fit i am good. tight i need to get busy, loose,well that what be awesome!
  • EttaMaeMartin
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    i dont weigh myself i go by how i look and ho clothes fit

    i need to get over the fear of a number. i am very athletic, so i know it will be higher. i have always had scale phobia. trying to not let these things define me and my everyday. i do need to weigh, i always say next monday, then get the drift!
  • Ambroziah
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    I TRY not to weigh myself every day but the call of the scale becomes overwhelming. I agree that it can demotivate you if you haven't lost anything but I wake up each day and promise myself I will try my best to stick to my plan. If I don't manage it, I get up the next day and promise myself again.
  • leahcollett1
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    ive took upon weighing every two weeks, for the simple fact of how stupidly anxious i get. im meant to be weighing tomorrow and i really dont want too because i know exactly how ill feel if the scales say the wrong thing and i have been doing the wrong thing for 2 weeks!
  • elisa123gal
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    I'm on day 98 and I have not weighed myself. I do have a starting point of when i weighed before my journey

    . I decided not to weigh because I don't want to get discouraged if I don't lose fast enough. I will at some point.. I'm thinking around day 125. I will for sure when I'm at maintenance so I don't let weight creep on.

    To add to that.. I stopped counting calories at day 25,,because i don't want to do it forever.

    The result is my stomach is more than half gone.. thank goodness. I workout about five to six days a week..and I eat healthy....knowing what I should after years of counting calories and never really having met my goals.

    This time I will be successful because I don't let myself get discouraged by the scale..and i don't waste energy counting calories.. i use that energy to be active and eat right.
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    I've found weighing daily really helps me, for reasons others have already said upthread. If it's not helpful to you, though, you can weigh whenever you want, or even judge by clothing fit or measurements.