Going to the GYM when your 320 pounds :(



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    It depends on the gym, most none fabulous type gyms, don't matter at all most people there are so wrapped up in their own workout they seldom notice anyone else. If it helps I started going at 325 pounds I'm down to 182 now and still going. My advice get some workout clothes that fit properly, get some great tunes and go for it.

    Also if you try and use a personal trainer find one that specializes in weight loss not body building.
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    Depends on the gym, but from what I've seen at the gyms that I've gone to, you'll get a lot of support from people since you're all there with the same goal... to become more healthy.

    For the most part, people are not jerks.

    Most people are also willing to help others at the gym, if you don't know how a piece of equipment works, don't be afraid to ask. You look more foolish using equipment wrong, than just asking someone how it works, that's what gym staff is for.

    Overall, good for you for taking the steps. Keep in mind, you didn't get overweight overnight and you're not going to lose it overnight. It will take time, it's a lifestyle change and you will be so much happier when you're healthier.

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    Hi I have been on this awesome form for 3 days now and seen some amazing story's , But what I what to know is what does it feel like going to the gym when your over weight I'll be starting on Monday next week , but i am all most to afraid to go because of my weight.

    Is there much judgement in a gym ? will I get the looks ?
    I feel very self conscious about this and was hoping you guys could give me the motivation i need to go .

    thanks :)

    I will judge you

    I will judge you for going for it ...and you will be judged

    Because every exercise you do, everything you attempt and learn, and possibly mess up and get up and try again is a symbol of your will and commitment

    You will be automatically moving more weight than most people in that gym...at any form of exercise you will be moving 320lbs and that's hard work

    So yes, I will judge you for finding it hard and doing it anyway

    I will judge you as simply great

    And if I see you week after week I will think you are awesome

    But I'll never tell you, and I won't stare, cos the gym is a place you focus on yourself and I've got my own mountain to climb

    You go for it

    Perfectly said !!!

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    If an overweight guy goes to a fast food place and orders a lot of food, would some people judge them? There are jerks everywhere you go, but most people are not. The gym is no different.

    I got up to 305 lbs about 6 years ago before I decided to get healthy again. I had spent the first half of my life in the gym and in sports, so I was no stranger to exercise and how to do it, but it had been a while and I was a little nervous at first because I thought people would be "watching the fatty sweat". But, I forced myself to go and started out focusing on cardio with strength training being a secondary focus (different for me back then - cardio is for chicks, right?! ;-)). What I realized was I cared WAY more about me being there and how I looked than anyone else did.

    Since then, I am in the gym about 3-6 days a week and I've seen it all, but I've not seen anyone made fun of because of their physique. Big, small, fat, skinny, it doesn't matter - you are all there to improve. Even the totally ripped guy looks in the mirror and sees imperfections that he is trying to fix, otherwise he wouldn't be there. So, in general, people are very supportive of people of all shapes and sizes.

    My only suggestions - follow some gym etiquette.
    1) If you aren't sure how to do something, ask. The few times I've seen people made fun of it is because they are completely doing an exercise wrong, but think they nailed it and are too egotistical to ask.
    2) If you sweat on it, wipe it off.
    3) re-rack your weights - hopefully in order for those of us that are OCD and have to fix them as we work out!
    4) Just be respectful of other people's space and time in general.
    5) don't stare at men or women. Its OK to look around, maybe give a head nod or something to someone you see a lot, but don't just stare. It creeps me out...
    6) Do your own workout. It doesn't matter how much the other guy is lifting or how fast they are going. You only compete with yourself.

    Everyone starts somewhere, everyone knows that. Get to the gym and do your thing.
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    gym people are people too, which means there will be some judgers and some who don't GAF what you're doing, and some who think you're very brave for starting your journey. There will be people there who are or have been a similar weight to you, and others who have (annoyingly) always been thin.

    Advice: go, enjoy your workouts, and ignore everyone as fastidiously as if you were on the London Tube

    Good luck!


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    If they are *kitten* *kitten* THEM. The gym is for focusing on yourself and if they are watching on you then they are clearly not doing a beast mode work out. DO NOT LET OTHER PEOPLE BRING YOU DOWN! It is always hard to do something (anything) new for the first time. Most people SHOULD be encouraging. I agree with the gym etiquette- see if your gym has a trainer even if you only use them once or twice they will help you in the right direction on how to use machines and workouts. Also the more you go the more you are going to see who the regulars are (congrats on going now and not jan when they are harder to pick out) if they appear friendly and you have a question most people (as long as you don't ruin their flow) will answer a quick question.

    If you lived in my neck of the woods I would gladly say come with me!
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    I can 100% understand the feeling that you may be judged. I started going to the gym when I had a good 50 lbs on you. (Yes, that means north of 370). I found that people were pretty supportive to be honest. I frequently got compliments on my swimming and endurance...heck, by the time I had dropped 130 or so, true story, a GYM EMPLOYEE not only noticed and complimented my weight loss but asked to work out with me. Here's some hot advice: you do you. If you don't know how to use a piece of equipment, ask. If you use a piece of equipment, for the love of God, wipe it off. If you use weights, re-rack them. Clean up after yourself. If you are female, many gyms have a "women's only" area if you are self-conscious. Also if you swim (easy on the joints when you're starting off bigger, btw), find out which lanes are for slower swimmers and if you have to share a lane, if it is a circle-style swim or if people split the lanes.

    You'll be surprised at the support you get. Find something you enjoy, and go for it!
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    I have a treadmill at home, but should be going to a gym. I just can't bring myself to do it until I've lost more weight. Nothing anyone says will change my mind. I'm down to 295 from a start around 325-330 but will probably start in January for weight work. I guess the question is can you do something at home until you feel a bit better about it?

    I'll admit part of me doesn't want to commit to the gym until I've shown myself I'm actually losing weight and sticking to it.
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    grmckenzie wrote: »
    I guess the question is can you do something at home until you feel a bit better about it?

    i think you can do anything that it takes. you know yourself better than most people do, so if you know which approach will work best for you then go for it.

    january is a super-sucky time to start working out in a public space though. unless you're free all day long and you can pick a spot somewhere in the middle of the working day, maybe. there'll be lots of other newbies and just-starting-outers, but it will be crowded and regulars might be a little more irritable.

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    Most people don't care what size other people are at the gym because they are self conscious about themselves. I admire people of all sizes that go to the gym because they are taking control of their lives and doing something about it. When I started at the gym at 230 weight, I hung out in the cardio cinema room to do my workouts or the very back row of the machines. Were all there for the same reason so kudos's to you for wanting to go.
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    I completely understand how you feel infact I was you a few months ago! I was 321 pounds. I had tried a few different gyms and had bad experiences so I quit. In April a new gym in town opened and I spent a good half hour in my car with my husband saying screw anyone else if you want it you have to get out of the car! I got out of the car went in and was greeted by the manager. He had a huge smile on his face and was very friendly. I started on the treadmill went 7 days a week for over a month! One day I went in with my cane and sat on the bike for my cardio as I was having a major flare up of a chronic condition I have. There was a member Jacob that came over to me and he said I admire you as you have come in here daily and moved and even today your on the bike. He said it has to hurt I can see it. Keep up the good work and when you heal if you'd like I would like to show you some modified exercises that may work for you! :) Not everyone are jerks! You are worth it and only you can take yourself into that gym and start! You got this!!!! :)
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    I'm looking at everyone at the gym. BUT....I'm secretly rooting for them. Same goes for when I'm driving and I see someone running, I root for them. I usually tell them in my head, 'You're a champion.'

    My guess is that other people look and judge. I don't let it bother me. I'm way to focused on what I'm doing to worry about someone else staring at me. Know your worth and don't let anyone devalue you.
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    You can do it. When I first started at the gym, I was 336 lbs. It was really tough, but I got nothing but encouragement. Most people don't even pay attention to others in the gym unless they are not really there to workout. This is one reason I love the YMCA because no one there is paying any attention to what I'm doing. I recently started going to a different gym and the people there are also super supportive. Good Luck!
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    I have been heavy my whole life. For the past 10 years I have been active in one way or another. Taking group classes with work friends, spinning etc. I felt comfortable with them, I was over 300lbs though. In 2014 I decided I had enough of being heavy so I started going to the gym by myself. My starting weight was 344lbs. I was afraid I was over the weight limit on the elliptical and if it made any noise I feared I was breaking it!

    I've lost 113lbs. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week. Doing 3 days of weight lifting (walking into the weight room with the guys was tough..took me some weeks of building up to it!) and the other days I do cardio. So ya...I was the fattest girl in the gym but the stronger and thinner I've become I feel so proud of myself. I personally love my ipod shuffle and once I'm plugged in nothing else matters. I doubt there will be judgement. Quite the opposite. I've had people tell me they notice my weight loss and I've made a guy friend in the weight room who has encouraged me to keep lifting :) You can do this. We all have to start somewhere.

    Good luck!!
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    Wow, looks like almost everyone has about the same thing to say, but I'd like to give you my 2c worth also. I started going to a gym at around 265, and I'm 5-7". Needless to say, I considered myself an exact replica of the Michelin man, but when I got to the gym, there were many who would come up to me, just regular gym rats, they'd come up, and show me if/where I was using a piece of equipment incorrectly, explaining how if I did it "my way", I could get hurt. Virtually to the person, they all commended me for getting going, and well, that encouragement did away with my self consciousness, and makes me feel proud to go to the gym.
    I'm rather lucky, as I'm 68 years old, and have a member ship to "Silver Sneakers", and have actual VIP type memberships to almost every gym out there, with the exception of Planet Fitness. The same holds true for every gym I've gone to, no judgement, if they don't come up and congratulate me, they're too concerned with getting the last rep out of the weight they're using. What I can say positively, is be PROUD that you've taken this life changing step, and don't let it be just a step, make it a journey, you'll be proud, you'll be healthier, and you'll have fun doing it. One last note, take a picture of yourself (yeah, I know, but do it anyway), before your first visit. Keep it in your wallet, and look at it every once in a while, and remember "I'm not there yet, but I'm way ahead of where I was yesterday".. You'll be fine!
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    Honestly, in this society, the only answer to your question is yes, you will be judged.

    With that being said, the gym I go to would actually accept you with open arms. I work with people who make excuses all the time. You are going to the gym. Anyone who looks down on you has the problem, not you. Congrats to you! Let us know how things go.
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    a month ago i had the same mindset. Ihave social anxiety although not diagnosed. I was more self conscious because i wear a headscarf and long clothing. My nearest gym is mixed genders i was so paranoid but i got some trackies and a sports hijab and booked an induction. I told the instructor how pathetic i was feeling and he was amazing really motivated me. Now going into my 2nd month i just feel like its me in the gym alone with a job to do. I ignore everyone else. I do a vigorous 20 mins everyday.

    Book an induction get a regime and goals set follow it. After a few weeks do a review with a gym instructor. Im so pathetically nervousbi managed you can too. Remember youare there for yourself dont let others force you out!