29th birthday today

I have given myself a 1 year target to get lose 3 stone! Hopefully I will make it sooner but I want to be at target and feeling amazing for my 30th birthday!
Fit and 30 is what I really want!!!!!!


  • Keitters
    Keitters Posts: 9 Member
    You can do it.
  • amrluvarr
    amrluvarr Posts: 52 Member
    Happy Birthday! Best of luck!
  • ladyreva78
    ladyreva78 Posts: 4,080 Member
    First of all, Happy birthday!

    3 stones is about 42lbs? (not quite 100% on the conversion, I tend to work in kgs..) So if you set yourself up to lose 1lbs a week you can theoretically reach your goal weight in 42 weeks, leaving you 10 weeks to spare for when life happens. :smile:

    Best of luck to you!
  • Missbright14
    Missbright14 Posts: 57 Member
    Thank u