Got asked if im pregnant

I went out friday night and one guy asked if inm pregnant and one of my friends told me wow you ve gained weight i weigh 211 i know im not skinny but i've only gained ten pounds. It makes me want to quit and give up.. I could use some friends that will motivate me. Thanks


  • distinctlybeautiful
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    At my highest weight two different people thought I was pregnant. At least, two people actually aired their views.. who knows how many people actually thought it!? The thing is, I knew I could be mistaken for being pregnant because of where I carry extra weight. I think it was more painful for the people who made the mistake than for me! I think what I'm getting at is that I think it's the weight and the lack of self-esteem that really hurt, not the honest mistakes people make. As for the person who said you've gained weight, that's just tasteless. If there's a next time, say "wow, you too!" That's what the hubby tells me to say when people tell me I look tired!
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    Aww don't let it put you off. I knew when I'd started to gain weight because a tiny old Korean lady offered me a seat on the Tube, smiling at me and my male friend. I then realised that my very nice bird-patterned dress did a great job of emphasising my rounding stomach. I thought it was quite sweet haha.

    You can't control what people think, but you can control the shape of your body. So why not take the opportunity?
  • Lounmoun
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    It doesn't feel good to get those comments. People who say those things are kind of socially dumb though.
    I carry my weight in my belly area so I am shaped like a pregnant woman the more I weigh. Losing 20 lbs helped a lot to get rid of that look. Still have 10-30 lbs to go but it is much better health and appearance wise. Easier to get clothes to fit too.
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    that sucks! im so sorry that happened to you.. ugh.. use it as motivation to push forward and keep going!
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    Girl, I hear ya. I gain all of my weight in my midsection and I got asked 3 separate times over a span of a year if I was expecting, one even asked me, "boy or girl?"...yeah, I looked that far along. I turned it into motivation to help me reach my goals. Don't let them have that control.
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    Yes that sucks big time! I've been "congratulated" for being pregnant when not pregnant ...Apparently a combination of bloating and fat stomach. :/
  • AllOutof_Bubblegum
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    Use that to spur you on.
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    I gained a lot of weight about 2 1/2 yrs ago due mostly to the use of atypical antipsychotics and other psych drugs. They caused the weight to settle in my belly which is somewhere I don't usually carry a lot of weight.

    One co worker exclaimed: oh, you're pregnant!

    I said: no, just fat.

    And she didn't believe me! She carried on insisting I was pregnant. Despite being told point blank she was wrong and being quite rude.


    Fast forward about a year. I had just required 8 months off work due to illness, during which time my medications had been swapped around and I had lost about 5kg, including my belly.

    First day back at work I bump into this same woman and she says:

    Oooooh ... you had your baby! Congatulations!!


    I thought for a while she was just trolling me but it seems she genuinely thinks I was pregnant then went on maternity leave.

    My friend at work started a roumour that my 'baby' was an illegitimate love child that I adopted out.
  • Berkgal33
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    Been there and have had that happen A few times. I actually told someone I was in the process of losing the "baby weight." Of course I didn't tell them my "baby" was 18 years old. Shake it off, and use it as motivation! Wish I could say it motivated me, but it didn't. I wasn't ready. I was finally ready almost a year ago. I am down 85 pounds, need to lose 15 more, and you guessed it, most of it from my stomach area.
  • cinnabondelights
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    ive been there too. a lady asked when the baby was due and my husband bursted out laughing. i told her i was just fat and tried to laugh it off, but later after thinking about it, it hurt. but it was also motivation to lose weight. now i have lost 82 pounds and have a flat tummy. :)
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    I also carry all my weight in my stomach. Even back in the day when I was skinny, I had a tummy. I've been getting that question since forever! Of course, now that I'm older, I choose to believe that its because I look young enough to actually be pregnant. But honestly, its not nice to hear, and there really is no good response.
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    We all have our "aha" moments when the mental thing clicks in. Mine was seeing 180 on the scale. (I'm 145 now) with around ten more to lose. I can guarantee giving up won't make you feel better. But it's your choice. Feel free to add me if you like. I'm very active on the app and in the gym.