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How can I boost my weight loss over next 10 days?



  • katthouse499
    katthouse499 Posts: 50 Member
    I wish you all the luck but just want to remind you of how hard u have worked so far with success
  • ShammersPink
    ShammersPink Posts: 215 Member
    The 29lb you've lost so far does make a difference to how you look, whatever you think when you look in a mirror.

    In the best case scenario, you could only lose a fraction of that in the next 10 days, so it could only have a fraction of the effect on your appearance, and in the worst case scenario it could make you look, and feel, a lot worse than you do.

    So just focus on being as relaxed, healthy and happy as possible, and enjoy your sister's wedding.
  • CSARdiver
    CSARdiver Posts: 6,252 Member
    This may sound strange, but check out the Cosplay sites and boards - these folks are the masters of body manipulation, taping, and shaping to produce remarkable aesthetic effects.

    Going with the majority on this one - not much you can do in 10 days especially since you already started losing (and congrats on your successes!) . Anything that would help out would not be healthy and hurt you long term.

    Enjoy the day and drink enough to deal. Use as directed - liberally.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
    LivingtheLeanDream Posts: 13,342 Member
    Suck me in pants/spanx are your friend :smile:

    It's too late now to get slimmer, you'll feel rubbish if you go on some mad detox diet. Ypu have been losing so keep on going, 1lb a week is the healthy way.

  • shellyae
    shellyae Posts: 34 Member
    Look up some poses you can do while getting your picture taken to make yourself look slimmer.

    This! It really can make a difference. If the photographer will let you get away with it, angling your body slightly, and standing up straight as others mention, will help with the pictures. Take some experimental pictures in the dress before the wedding to see what works.
  • 777Gemma888
    777Gemma888 Posts: 9,578 Member
    If money isn't an issue - Air sculpt laser. Watched it 2 weeks ago on Extra. The doctor shown said, "If he can pinch it, he can take it out" ... And "The more the fat, the more it'll cost you."

    But you need to be realistic whether it's CICO or an extreme quick fix like getting the Airsculpt Laser treatment ... Will the maximum volume lost be enough for you in 10 days?
  • Dogmom1978
    Dogmom1978 Posts: 1,580 Member
    Seriously, this is ridiculous. My brothers wedding is in October. I have lost 40 lbs so far and have another 30-35 to go. You CANNOT lose 10 lbs in 10 days no matter what you do. Anything you attempt to "crash" diet will be very unhealthy and likely have long term consequences. Watch your posture in the photos and buy some spanks to help hold stuff in.
  • saphin
    saphin Posts: 246 Member
    gabbyo23 wrote: »
    you won't like this answer either - but its not all about you. its your sister's wedding. she will be the focus. as others have said, nothing you can do will make a visible difference in pics 10 days from now.

    I didnt say it was about me? I'm talking about how I will feel about myself looking back on photos and I will still have to contend with my mother commenting on my weight and I will still feel the way I will feel in the dress. I wasn't for a second thinking that my sisters wedding is about my's about my sister. But I'm not talking about the wedding. I'm talking about my personal feelings about my personal experience at the event, specifically in regards to my body and how I feel about it being photographed and compared to a row of very thin women wearing an identical dress.

    So..that IS about me.

    However you are probably right, I probably can't do anything to make a difference to the photographs.

    As many people have said, only shape wear can help you this late in the game. Why not change your mindset on this event. Yes, you may be heavier than you would like to be in these photos, but if you stick to your deficit in the months after the event you will be able to look at these pictures against those of future family events and be reminded how great you look after you lose the remaining weight.
  • ahoy_m8
    ahoy_m8 Posts: 3,053 Member
    Such good advice here! Especially appreciate the 3 S's. And posture.

    I do find myself lingering over one thing you said, though. Will your mother be preoccupied with her role in the shindig? Or can you enlist one of the sisters to run interference so you don't have to come into contact with her much? Maybe if you have a strategy for minimizing contact, you can let go of anxiety about the hurtful things she tends to say. I hope you have a really nice time!
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
    CharlieBeansmomTracey Posts: 7,682 Member
    I was going to say "don't", but since you mentioned wedding...
    A friend of mine went on a Keto (spelling) diet which is essentially no carbs. Weight loss is dramatic, but with side effects. Hopefully someone with more knowledge about it will chime in.

    keto is usually 50g NET carbs or lower, its not essentially no carb,the side effects with keto is water weight loss,and some keto flu for some. for most there are no side effects.also weight loss on keto is just like weight loss in general,the first bit of weight will mostly be water,then it will slow down some,but its not a magic way of eating you still have to be in a deficit.keto is usually done by those with certain health issues(pcos,insulin resistance,diabetes,seizure disorders, but some do it because it helps them with cravings being low carb,so they eat less.
  • jolive7
    jolive7 Posts: 283 Member
    Get an awesome tan!
  • maxit
    maxit Posts: 880 Member
    Go to Lyle McDonald's forum site for some helpful information about fat loss.