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Day #1 Fast Food Challenge Check IN



  • pmkelly409pmkelly409 Posts: 1,653Member Posts: 1,653Member
    Day 1 checking in a little late due to field trip with my son this am!

    Weight today- 146
    Weight when joined MFP - 151
    Started 2008 at 158
    Goal Weight - 135
    Exercise - walking the entire zoo with 21 very active seven year olds!
    Goal - NO FAST FOOD! Increase exercise to 4 days a week from 3, start cooking healthy recipes at home.

    Very excited to say that I made healthy decisions while out today. Brought a bagged lunch, drank my water and had a watermelon italian ice instead of ice cream - no fat, no cholesterol.

    We are going away this weekend so I may not be able to post again today.

    Good luck everyone! Weekends are very difficult for me - I hope we all show the strength this weekend to make healthy choices, find a way to exercise (whatever that might look like) and drink lots of water!
  • BeccilynnBeccilynn Posts: 177Member Posts: 177Member
    So far so good , now OFF to the homestead :glasses:
  • DETERMINED2DropDETERMINED2Drop Posts: 291Member Posts: 291Member
    Congrats on having a great day everyone! Keep up the great work...

    Could someone start the CHECK OUT this evening some time...? I'll be busy. Sorry! :ohwell:
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