Vegans- What's Your Thanksgiving/Christmas Turkey Dish?

rainbowbow Posts: 7,490 Member
What are your plans for a main dish on thanksgiving/Christmas?

I've actually never eaten meat (vegetarian my entire life) and i've always just eaten "sides" at any family occasion. I'm now living in another country with my S/O and i'd like to preserve our traditions and host a thanksgiving and christmas meal!

Obviously I won't be making a turkey (although i've told my guest they are more than welcome to bring one if it's necessary for them). I DO want to provide a full, satisfying, meal for everyone to enjoy and I'd really like them (and myself!) to enjoy a vegan Turkey kind of main dish.

If you have a favorite vegan "turkey" or recipes of loafs, bakes, etc. please share below!

I've never had a tofurkey, the gardein turkey roast thing, or others and i'm not TOO sure what i'll be able to get in my area. But i'm determined this year and i figure this topic might be helpful for others as well. :)


  • TheNewAdventuresofDanni
    I like making a rice/mushroom/ veggie dish/beans. I think most people would consider it a "side" dish....but I like it for a main.:) I have also in the past made a "meatless" loaf...I found the recipe online it was okay but it didn't really cut it for me
  • Alatariel75
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    I made this for a Thanksgiving-like meal when a vegan friend was coming. Some of us had it as sides, but it was a good main and it was visually impressive:
  • thefloridianvegan
    Salad, vegan mac & cheese, collard greens and a vegetable medley of some kind