Beginner Weight lifting for Women

Hello, I am starting a weight loss journey after being on bedrest from a high risk pregnancy. I am 5'4 and was 195lbs but now at 178lbs. I was a runner in the past, running 3 miles 4times a week, and injured myself enough that I can't sustain that much impact. I am trying to focus on building strength and I do use a trainer twice a week. She focuse on high impact interval training to help drop the weight. But I am really interested in learning more abut weight lifting. I have seen such an improvement in my strength. From 5lbs free weights to 15lbs. 75lb deadlifts to 135lbs. Any previously overweight women who use a weight lifting program to drop weight and build muscle? And beginner advice? I still do cardio twice a week, but I use an elliptical and stair machine. But interested in learning more about building muscle. At first my goal was to be 130lbs again, but I'm okay with a higher weight for more muscle. Thanks


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    And I use a trainer with a partner, so although we work in weights and body weight exercise, I don't have the control of having a weight day with the trainer. I pay in a group.
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    I am 5'1'', down to 180 lbs from 215, lifting throughout. The lifting program is not going to help you drop the weight per say, and unfortunately it's not very likely that you will build much muscle mass while trying to lose fat.
    Find a good strength program and eat at a calorie deficit, the weight will come off and the muscle will start to come through.
    Building muscle is going to take time and likely be a separate step from fat loss.. There's a possibility you could "recomp" (build some muscle while losing some fat), but if you are 40 lbs from your goal weight like myself, focusing on the cut is going to be your better option until your body fat gets lower.
    Hope this didn't come off negatively in any way, just some things I have learned through out my own journey the last few years!
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    First advice I can give you, is get on a well designed structured lifting program that supports your goals (i.e., if you want that booty, a good program is StrongCurves). Second, the chances of actually gaining new muscle while in a deficit are not very high, but being new, if you have a moderator deficit, adequate protein, you might be able to add some. But even in a surplus, women will struggle to put on mass. Having said that, you will have a good opportunity to maintain your current mass, improve strength and be more lean.

    Nutrition does play a large role in the equation. Don't get too aggressive with cutting calories, and keep protein around the 120g mark.
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    are you still pregnant? i know lots of people lift throughout pregnancy, but in your case maybe get input from whoever is caring for you.
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    @usmcmp I've read some awesome posts from you. Do you have anything to add to OP's question?
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    @usmcmp I've read some awesome posts from you. Do you have anything to add to OP's question?

    Thank you for the tag!

    I was one of the many on here who went from obese/overweight to lean using weight lifting. I still ended up needing some recomposition and then decided to bulk, but you can make great progress as you are losing weight.

    The first place I started was the free programs on They have videos for everything and their app lets you track while you are working out. New Rules of Lifting for Women is another place I like to suggest people start. It's informative and the only down side is that you'll likely progress beyond their program quickly. It's still a great resource for beginners.