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Hi my name is Alicia. I have struggle w weight my whole life. I recognize myself as an addictive person.
I am 59 yrs old and My current weight is 205 .Back in 2011 I went into the HCG diet and lost 40 pounds, motivated by my 35 yr high-school reunion. I kept it off by limit eating starchy or sweets .
As I went thru a series of events that put me back into low self steem , I started gaining back and I am now where i started.
When i was a teenager i used to eat once a day and kept my weight down then I dont know how I switched to fad diets .
Anyway i am ready to take this challenge but need some suggestions
I walk an average of 3-4 miles a day and for the last 5 days i have started going to the gym at night to avoid the binge eating and drinking wine.
Everything i gave read here makes sense.
Can i continue drinking wine?