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Any studio spinners/spin addicts out there?

Wondering if any of you do spin classes multiple times a week, and if so, how many?

Do you track metrics? What calories burn do you give yourself?


  • shagerty777
    shagerty777 Posts: 185 Member
    I did for a year and a half 3 times a week. i just used the generic spin from mfp for the minutes and calories.
  • canary_girl
    canary_girl Posts: 366 Member
    I spin 5 days a week, about 75-90 minutes. I typically average about 10 calories minute. I wear a HRM with a strap and typically have an average heart rate of 150 - something, including warm up and cool down. I weigh about 140 lbs.
  • helocat
    helocat Posts: 40 Member
    I just got a Paloton Bike and loving the Paloton classes. The metrics the bike tracks is outstanding. I go back and take the class again as a recoding and it automatically shows me the difference between when I first took the class and where I am at right that moment. Loving it so far.
  • sarko15
    sarko15 Posts: 330 Member
    Yes! I I spin about 2-3 times a week. I also just use the generic spinning metric on MFP.
  • jjjjemail
    jjjjemail Posts: 6 Member
    I go to classes 2 times a week. Very intense! I burn 750-800 calories per hour. The spin classes have power meters. This is calorie metric is consistent with the power meter on my bike.

    If you are not completely trashed at the end of class. Then 500-600 is a much better metric. I have been riding a long time and a lot calorie estimators for biking estimate very high. When I ride without a hrm or power meter my calorie burn is 25% higher on Garmin connect.

    Good Luck!
  • Leadfoot_Lewis
    Leadfoot_Lewis Posts: 1,623 Member
    I've been a Spinning Instructor for almost 4 years now; teach 1-2 classes/week.

    I just use my good old HR monitor watch w/chest strap.
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,865 Member
    I don't go to a studio, but I cycle and also have an indoor trainer that I use with various spin class videos on YouTube as well as virtual rides. I pretty much ride or spin on my trainer 5 days per week with variable sessions. I use my Garmin 510 for cadence on my trainer and it is also equipped with a HRM.

    Calories depend on the session...
  • _piaffe
    _piaffe Posts: 163 Member
    Thanks. I've bene tracking only on a Fitbit Charge 2. It tells me avg HR is 145-150, and that I burn ~425 for 48 minutes of work. 5'11 F, 148 pounds. Does that seem right?

    Have been spinning a ton. 8+ classes a week. Seriously addicted!
  • sijomial
    sijomial Posts: 19,809 Member
    I use an eSpinning bike for some of my indoor training, really good for interval work and standing cycling as it's so stable and has a decent flywheel.

    For calorie estimates I use a personally calibrated HRM. 600cals/hr is an easy session for me, 800cals/hr is a hard session. My HRM values match power meter estimates very closely so should be close enough.
    The bike's estimates tend to be a bit exaggerated (10 - 15%?).
    The generic MFP Spinning estimate from the database is very low for me.

    Impossible to estimate your calorie burn, your height and weight have very little bearing on your calorie expenditure. Your power output and the fitness to maintain that power output (plus intensity of workout of course) are the main factors.
  • sarko15
    sarko15 Posts: 330 Member
    Does anyone have any spin workouts they'd like to share? I sometimes like to spin on days/times where there isn't a class going on, and it's tough to find really good workouts I can follow on my own, especially workouts that are around an hour.

    I did this one today, which had me sweating and panting (the poor guy across the room must have been horrified). Cycling videos are somewhat more awkward to watch than aerobics videos, but this was still good, especially paired with my own warm up/cool down.