I'm craving junkfood again

The first couple of days were easy. I was able to stay away from junk food and over eating. As I log my 12th day on MFP today, I'm feeling my old habits trying to overcome me. The temptation is whispering in my ear. Sometimes I feel like it's screaming into my ears. Yesterday was the worst. I was craving pizza and God knows that when I have pizza I don't just eat 1 or 2 slices (if you know what I mean). No, I didn't give in yesterday. But it was difficult to resist.

The temptation is so real that if I didn't have my cousin spending the night at my apartment tonight, I would most likely either order a pizza or go to the McDonalds drive thru. Update: my cousin is actually not spending the night anymore. She's gonna stay at her place tonight. ugh.

I don't just want to be healthy to lose weight. I want get healthy to not have to worry about the future. I don't want to be that person having to visit the doctor every so often because of something I could have prevented in life. I don't want complications with my heart, kidneys, liver, etc when I grow up. I want to treat my body with respect. I want to give my body the nutrients it deserves every day and know when to stop. I WANT TO LEARN WHEN TO STOP. HOW TO STOP.
It's so frustrating. Even though I know that I don't have to travel this journey by myself, it feels like that's the case sometimes.

I not only want to prove to myself that I still have some kind of will power. I also want to prove it to God.

I want to show you all that I can be. I want to give all of myself to you, even though I know you deserve so much more. I want to please you every day. I want to know that I can still put a smile on your face. I want to stop disappointing you or thinking that I'm disappointing you. If only I could know RIGHT NOW what you think of me. Would you still be pleased?


  • SuperNerd42
    SuperNerd42 Posts: 47 Member
    You have some great motivations, good for you for taking on the weight! My advice would be to build in calories for take out pizza or a burger here and again. It doesn't have to be a day ruiner! Just plan for your pizza night! Maybe knowing that it's coming will help with the cravings on the other days.

    Even if you folded since you posted this, tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. You got this!
  • samhennings
    samhennings Posts: 441 Member
    As SuperNerd says, eating junk food is fine - so long as you fit it into your calories.

    Personally I actually think its a healthy thing to do, to learn to eat all things in moderation rather than following a diet of exclusions.

    Also, I find a bit of "rubbish" food every now and then does wonders for the soul.

    When looking at McDonalds, for example, there are smarter choices to be had as well, to make it easier to go and not feel bad about it.

    Coke Zero/Water, 6 nuggets, regular fries = 597cal (as per McDonlad site for the UK)

    Large Coke, Large Fries, Big Mac = 1164 cal

    If you are actively dieting and restricted on calories one of these is quite easy to fit in, the other is not!

  • courtneyfabulous
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    Maybe you could make your own pizza so you can control the ingredients and make it healthier? Like a cauliflower crust and mostly veggies for toppings? Or get just 1 slice as takeout instead of a whole pizza as delivery? Or just order a personal size one?