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Looking for Friends who need to lose 50-100 pounds

Hello my name is Alyssa I go by Lyssie. I am 24 and I am getting back into the calorie tracking game. I recently gained some weight back and it was a wake up call for me. I realized that I can't do this alone and I am looking for friends who also are just starting a journey and have big weight loss goals. I could really use the support and I want to help others be successful in return.


  • Chanda777
    Chanda777 Posts: 18 Member
    Hi!! I'm also getting back into the swing of things. I lost 53 pounds and gained 34 back after a rough personal year. I started tracking mostly my carbs a few days ago... but am back on the weight loss track. You can add me if you'd like. I want to lose 60 pounds.
  • Humanovation
    Humanovation Posts: 52 Member
    I'm in ... going to lose 40 pounds by my birthday in September ;-)
  • wallycharles4
    wallycharles4 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi I'm 54 5'4 and need to loose 50 lb. I'm having a very hard time being good at logging my food.
    Looking for support and accountability.
  • katie5467
    katie5467 Posts: 57 Member
    Hi Lyssie, I need to lose 50lbs and need help staying motivated! Please add me and we can help each other :smile:
  • stonedog1
    stonedog1 Posts: 32 Member
    Feel free to add me 19lb loss of 86lb total loss so i still have a long road ahead of me mutual support is good for everyone :)
  • kellansmommy11
    kellansmommy11 Posts: 61 Member
    Anyone on this thread can feel free to add me. I have lost 40 pounds so far and I have about 50 more to go. Would love to encourage and motivate others on this journey
  • lissac53
    lissac53 Posts: 51 Member
    Hi! At the moment i have about 75 pds to lose and them I will adjust my goals. Please feel free to add me!
  • orchid568
    orchid568 Posts: 20 Member
    Hi Lyssie, I'm Cheryl and I want to lose 90 lbs. I am 58y/o. I eat clean and work out between injuries. I love doing the Beachbody workouts. Yes, I survived Insanity and Body Beast!! My daughter is a coach so let me know if y'all need anything! My problem with losing weight is that I'm on medicine that makes me gain weight. Such a lovely side affect(e) I am 5'6" and use to weighing 105lbs. Now I weigh 205.6lbs. I'm only trying to get down to 115. It would be nice to have lost some by the time I go back to Hawaii in May. I am so frustrated and depressed; some days I just want to die. Anyone can add me.
  • lowcarbog
    lowcarbog Posts: 42 Member
    Count me in! I've lost 75lbs so far, 50lbs left..
  • MostlyHealthyMomma
    MostlyHealthyMomma Posts: 44 Member
    edited December 2016
    You can add me! Needing to get back in it and lose about 100 lbs. Friends on the same journey help so much!
  • jenniferbradfordgoss
    Anyone can add me. I'm 37 and still want to lose 100+ lbs. I struggle with wanting to see instant results lol. Having the support on here keeps my expectations more realistic :)
  • kandell
    kandell Posts: 473 Member
    My goal is to lose 50-55 :]
  • nursmonica
    nursmonica Posts: 2 Member
    Hi everyone, I'm Monica. Feel free to add me. I lost 25 pounds so far, I have 25 more to go. Let's motivate one another!
  • CharlesScott78
    CharlesScott78 Posts: 203 Member
    Anyone can add me - I am 44 down 158 to go.
  • crystal333penny
    crystal333penny Posts: 3 Member
    Yep, count me in....