Physically and mentally unhappy @ 18

Hey guys I'm Sarah. Recently I've gone through major life changes.. (parents separating, starting/quitting college, ect..) with these things and more, I've turned to eating out/fast food nearly everyday for the past year. Nearly no physical activity included. I've gained a good 20 pounds and I have noticed such a change in my figure from my face to my stomach to my thighs. Not only has my self-confidence dropped dramatically but my outlook on life has too. I'm tired of eating out, feeling like this, and not being happy with who I see in the mirror, inside and out. So one. I'm supposed to wake up early and go run at the park, let's see if that happens. I have high hopes but I'll update this ☺


  • skellymama1
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    Make small changes, start with your food. Just stay within your calorie goal.
    Even a walk in the park out in the fresh air will lift your mood.
    Good luck.
  • shadowloss
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    First look at what got you where you are. "Major Life Changes".
    Start small as mentioned, you are not going to turn things around as fast as they fell apart, so small steps along the way will get you through the journey!
    Have you ever noticed that "Major Life Changes" are always for the worst? (Unless you win the lottery). So why not change the rules and make the next "Major Life Change" positive and focus on you and only the things you can control.

    Best of luck.
  • MrMirks
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    Before you start to change the outside you have to change the inside. Do some self development. Find why you want to take on this journey. Your "why" should be greater than any struggle that comes to you. Once you find your "why" you can start to cut calories and go for jogs/lift weights. Happiness inside is stronger then happiness outside. Hope this helps and you got this! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do anything
  • ibarra97adriana
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    Hey girl! Im 19. I also want to lose around 20-25 pounds. Feel free to add me. I can use some motivation.
  • fidangul
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    If you're not an early bird then don't make your first step to wake up early for a run. Like mentioned above keep it simple. Eg: go for a short walk anytime of the day, but just go get out and go. That's less rigid and more achievable than setting a specific time. And why run if you haven't been active in a long while?!. Slowly but surely you'll get there!

    Good luck