Trader Joe's recommendations please

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I'm hitting Trader Joe's tomorrow and won't be able to go again for weeks. Please list/tell your favorite items, sweet and savory, holiday or non-holiday.
(I've been there before but want an efficient and delicious trip.)
Thank you in advance!
PS: I do not like ginger, wine, olives or cilantro. Still, recommend what YOU like, I'm always willing to try new things.


  • sammyliftsandeats
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    Cookie Butter
    Chili Lime Chicken Burgers (I think there is cilantro in them though...)
    RTE pork belly
    Thai Chili Lime Almonds/Cashews
  • thelovelyLIZ
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    I like their marsala veggie burgers- they're good for a quick light meal with some rice and veggies and a little sriracha. The precooked sausage comes in a ton of varieties too that are very yummy. Cookie butter if you haven't had it- so yummy but a little addictive. All of their salsas are a jam, as is their black bean dip, but I think their queso is trash. If you can still get them, the Thanksgiving Stuffing potato chips. I'm in a local foodie facebook group and they broke the group last year. That's off the top of my head. I can probably count on one hand the number on things from them I've disliked, so I think you're safe.
  • avskk
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    The 3-cheese wafers are delicious, and you get a ton for very few calories. I also like the pickle popcorn, butter waffle cookies, selection of olives (oooops), fig butter, kettle popcorn chips, and PB&J bars.

    You might notice I suggested no perishables... because I don't live within 300 miles of a Trader Joe's and I order everything from Amazon. :'(:'(
  • sgt1372
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    Mochi ice cream balls
    Pre-mixed hollandaise sauce

    These are my "only available at TJ's" go to items, although I think I saw the mochi balls at 99 Ranch too.
  • SuzySunshine99
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    General Tao's stir fry sauce
    Green curry simmer sauce
    TJs Greek yogurt
    Vanilla cinnamon black tea
    Carne asada
    Honey wheat pretzel sticks
  • Francl27
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    The 'tarte d'alsace' (the onion and bacon one).
    Their Swiss or Belgian dark chocolate bars.
  • starfruit132
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    There is a great TJ thread from back in Nov. I think. Try to search it... great ideas. Like the coffees. Pre-cut mirepoix mix of carrots, celery, onions. Grilled balsamic chicken in deli section. TJ yogurts. Frozen fried rices. Great frozen pizzas. Had to stop buying the cookie butter - hard to stop eating. Brined turkey but may be seasonal.

    Love the Green Dragon hot sauce - add it to all my crock pot cooking lol.
  • Pam_Shebamm
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    Cookie butter. Greek yogurt. Dark chocolate PB cups. Jingle jangle. Reduced guilt mac & cheese. White cheddar corn puffs. Buffalo jerky. Coconut cashews.
  • sunburntgalaxy
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    I second the chili lime chicken burgers and yes they do have cilantro but honestly I have never noticed it in there so it must be very little (I actually looked on the package - I just got some the other day - otherwise I wouldn't have realized it was in there). Also the mini ice cream cones, the French onion soup, any of their brittles (they had this pumpkin seed one that was awesome but I forgot to see if they had it this year), the frozen macarons,and the frozen mac and chees with hatch green chilies. My cousin said the truffle cheese is awesome (not my thing). And for non-food I love their tea tree tingle soap - it smells so minty and yummy.
  • annette_15
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    Also recommend the chile lime chicken burgers, cookie butter cream cheese, tomato basil hummus, frozen peppers & onion mix, frozen cauliflower rice, shredded almond mozarella cheese (super good macros), chicken apple sausage, the butter lettuce, chili lime seasoning (my FAVOURITE seasoning of all time, its SO good on veggies or eggs, the cinnamon sugar frozen mini churros are the bomb, the pumpkin bagels are amazing... honestly, I have yet to buy something at TJs that I didnt like. All the produce there is great as well. I really like the murasaki sweet potatoes that are sold in bags as well. They are nice little serving size sweet potatoes that are great to bake and have with a meal
  • annette_15
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    Oh oh . and the canned turkey chili with beans is absolutely delicious!
  • jemhh
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    I have never been to Trader Joe's but the woman who does my hair gives me a box of these every year and they are fabulous.

  • CooCooPuff
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    Get this.
    Aside from a few hardier veggies (I pick up fennel if they have it every time), I honestly don't get very much non perishables from Trader Joes. It's too far from where I live and in a high traffic area.

    Their pita chips are good. I definitely need to pick up their 3 in 1 body wash again, smells great and lasts forever.
  • 777Gemma888
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    Sesame garlic snack sticks, Cashew nuts and sugar free 75% Dark chocolate almonds bark and 73% cacao dark Belgian chocolate covered almonds or dark chocolate almonds.

    ETA: We buy by the pound.
  • pdxwine
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    Brandy Beans! Brandy Beans! Brandy Beans.

    Wait, did I mention their Brandy Beans?
  • gemdiver00
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    Flavored goat cheese, rice pudding
  • KkBlowin25
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    Loveee the organic bbq garlicy sirachia bbq sauce!!! Good on everything , low in calories!
  • astroamy
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    Healthy choices:
    Frozen bean and rice burritos
    Frozen spicy vegetable burritos
    Freeze dried strawberries (with the dried fruit)

    Less healthy:
    Frozen croissants (plain, chocolate, almond)
    Frozen cheese blintzes
    Frozen Indian food, the butter chicken and chicken tikka masala is good. Always get their frozen naan to go with.
  • jennybearlv
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    jemhh wrote: »
    I have never been to Trader Joe's but the woman who does my hair gives me a box of these every year and they are fabulous.


    You beat me to it. I was like OMG! It's Peppermint Joe Joe's season! They come in chocolate covered and without, and an ice cream too. You must buy some version of Peppermint Joe Joe's. There are only a few weeks left. I usually get a eucalyptus holiday wreath too, but I moved and TJ's is like 15 miles from me. So sad. I would also like to add that I am the only person in existence that does not like anything cookie butter.
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