Hey everyone, I'm new!

I'm new to this and looking to connect with others on the same journey. Feel free to add me! Thanks for reading, have a great day :)


  • vmrjj
    vmrjj Posts: 25 Member
    Hi, you were me last week :-) My first week has been a good one. This calorie counting hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I'll add you for added support. :-)
  • makkrimson
    makkrimson Posts: 12 Member
    feel free to add me!
  • Nicolasdream06mfp
    I'm new to this too. Feel free to add me
  • CafeRacer808
    CafeRacer808 Posts: 2,396 Member
    Welcome! I'm just going into my second week w/ MFP, so I'm pretty new around here as well. FR sent :)
  • tracykreczmer
    tracykreczmer Posts: 88 Member
    Welcome!! I started a year ago in Jan.. With my fitness pal I met my first goal then stopped and gained back weight. This is an amazing place. U are with highly motivated people who are all in the same boat! And if u need help they are so willing to help. So be prepared to meet your goal and be the best you ever!
  • kalpnahowarth
    kalpnahowarth Posts: 1 Member
    Just joined.
    Any tips would be welcomed.
  • GeeLosingit
    GeeLosingit Posts: 9 Member
    I've literally just joined! Feel free to add me could do with all the support there is!
  • annadnaluom
    annadnaluom Posts: 8 Member
    Hi, this is my first day using this and I'm already struggling haha. Looking for an accountability partner, let's do this!
  • karenlynnlarson
    karenlynnlarson Posts: 9 Member
    Hi all. Been here 35 days now. Looking to add friends for motivation and perhaps some friendly competition. I've go 88 lb of a 100 lb loss to go!!
  • DDR2142000
    DDR2142000 Posts: 4 Member
    Hello Everyone! I just signed up, and tomorrow will be my first day counting calories. I am looking forward to the new program and meeting you! :)
  • LilacLion
    LilacLion Posts: 579 Member
    Welcome to all!! I'm been a member for a little over a month. There's a lot of info here and something for everyone.
  • misserin122
    misserin122 Posts: 106 Member
    I've just started again. I could use as much support and motivation I can get! Feel free to add me.