Ladies, 10lbs gain during TOM?!

So I've been sticking to my calories, even through xmas and about 2 days before my period i gained 10lbs.

My periods are always light, they only really last 3 days and today is day 4, I'm still 10lbs heavier. I take yaz so maybe the hormones play into it, who knows.

It obviously can't be fat gain as i haven't over eaten, so maybe it's a mix of water retention and bloating? I had really salty popcorn on tuesday aswell. But 10lbs seems insane!!! I currently weigh 230lbs now so maybe being heavier to start with has something to do with holding more water.

It's almost been a week. Any ideas why i'm still 10lbs heavier? Any idea when this will come off? Thanks, it just sucks seeing this after i stuck to my goals through a birthday and the holiday season.


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    Great that you've stuck to your goals and you know it! Are you using the same scale, in the same spot, at the same time of day, dressed the same, under the exact same conditions (like before eating)? If not, any of these variations can account for the weight difference. Otherwise, just stick with your plan and you'll get the whoosh soon!
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    Thanks everyone. I think I'll avoid weighing myself around that time from now on XD I'm down a few cms around the waist so there's a positive =).

    I'll look around and see if i can send, that message it to a mod. Thanks again =)

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    I just got mine tonight and was about to make a thread asking this same q, but did a search first... Glad to know it's normal! Gonna be great when it's over :)
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    I remember in a time long ago....very long ago....before menopause, when I used to have my period and my weight would fluctuate by as much as ten pounds before and during, then it would go down a few days later.

    Try to be patient, drink lots of water, and if it does not go down a few days to a week after your period ends, take a peek at your logging habits and ensure you are not underestimating intake and overestimating output (exercise calories). My guess it's just natural fluctuation, though.
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    When I can tell I'm holding on to a lot of water (I mainly notice it in my belly and fingers--my wedding ring gets tight) I usually watch my sodium for a few days. I gained about 10 pounds of fluid when I went on a trip to Asia. I was eating salty food nearly every day and probably the stress of traveling didn't help. I could tell I was really holding on to a lot of water. As soon as I got back to the U.S. and eating my normal diet, I lost 8 pounds the first day, then 2 the next! Good luck!
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    Oh, 10lbs sounds a bit on the high side but is not in the realm of impossible. Different scales won't help you since the results cannot be compared meaningfully.

    if you weigh infrequently and you're taking a relative low as your starting point it could explain this even more.

    You may want to play with (when setting up, set your goal to maintain as opposed to your actual loss goal to avoid un-necessary comments and not necessarily good suggestions whenever you're not meeting your goal)...