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Goal is to loose 50lbs +

Strength2Succeed Posts: 126 Member
edited December 2016 in Introduce Yourself
Hey there
I have quite the challenge ahead of me. Im looking to loose a minimal of 50lbs, if you have achieved this or looking to loose as well, i would love to be friends and learn/support each other! Feel free to add me!


  • SisypheanWorkout
    SisypheanWorkout Posts: 105 Member
    Same boat here.
  • jwat90
    jwat90 Posts: 178 Member
    I need to lose 60. I've lost 20 so far but kind of yo-yoing at this weight. Up a few pounds and back down a few. So I completely understand the struggle at looking to lose a large amount of weight. Feel free to add me. :)
  • KittyInBoots
    KittyInBoots Posts: 226 Member
    First I must say - you REALLY CAN do this. For real!

    I've lost 70ish pounds - although regained 3 over the holidays, haha - still got 33 to go to hit my first "goal". I will send you an add!