Anyone from North or South Carolina.

Hey. My name is Kathy and I'm 36yrs old. I've struggled with my weight for a good 8 years. I'm ready to finally kick this in the butt and get healthy!!! 2016 was a tough year, full of health issues, but that's all behind me now and I'm ready to make 2017 a good one. My total weight loss goal is about 75lbs. My first goal will be 25lbs. Doing baby steps. We live in Monroe, NC, which is on the outskirts of Charlotte. I'm looking for friends who can come on this journey with me and we can motivate each other along the way. My diary is open and I'd love others to look at. It gives me good food ideas. Please feel free to add me. Thank you!!!


  • meat513
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    Hey Demestra from NC. We can help motivate each other if you like. Where is the add button or you can add me
  • PriscillaRose17
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    Hi I'm Priscilla, also from NC. I too have 75 LBS to shred. I was on MFP for several mths and lost about 120lbs..but got a little complacent and gained 16 lbs back. MFP is a great accountability tool, and allows you to have friends who are working toward a similar goal. God luck, can't wait to revel in all of our success!!
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    Hi. I'm from NC too. I love Monroe and I stayed there for a few months in 2009. I live in Greensboro. I am looking to lose the last 75 lbs too. I would love some more motivating friends too!
  • bellkat31
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    I am also from Nc Asheville area to be more specific. Feel free to add me I have a open diary and plan on daily status updates.