Hi! I need accountability!

My name is Jennifer and I need accountability bad!!! I want to go from 162 to 140. That would make me extremely happy! I looked back and I have gained 10 lbs in 10 months!!!! I have a job where I am sitting /driving most of the dayso when I get home I don't feel like working out. Planning to change that and try working out in the morning before my day gets going...Hoping to change some things with my diet as well to help better. Hoping 2017 will bring this! Also, my driving job has slightly changed and I should not be driving quite as much this year...at least for the first 6 months of this year! Please friend me and hold me accountable!


  • JannaJ02
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    Hi Jennifer, I'm Janna!! I need accountability too, so let's be friends! I somehow managed to gain 50 lbs over the past three years, and looking at myself now drives me crazy. I'm maid of honour in my best friend's wedding in October, and I want those pounds GONE! I'm working less this year, so I should have more time to exercise and focus more on cooking and eating healthy! I'd love to be friends and support each other - I'll add you!!
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    Me too! I'm looking to lose 25lbs, sent both a friend request we can do this!
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    Jennifer, I am in the same boat as you! I have a very sedentary job, and once the 9 hour day is over, exercise is last on my mind. I have similar goals too-hoping to go from 170 to 140. We can do this! Sending a friend request :)
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    You can do this, lots of amazing people here. I have a desk job as well and can tell it's not helpful. Please feel free to add, always can use more support and accountability!
  • sliannetta
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    I've been doing this for a year... plateau since October and need to get back in gear. It's tough but I ate well and walked 5 miles today...
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    Hi! Feel free to add me!
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    I also need accountability! I want to lose 78 pounds. I am not very active and sit most of the day at my job...going to increase my activity. Let's work together
  • sliannetta
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    Small steps. My short term goal is 30 minutes of moderate exercise- long term is to get to and maintain a good weight. Trying for consistency.
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    Sending a request.
  • Im 30 and need to lose almost 100+ pounds. If anyone would like to add me please do. Im very motivated for now, but would like some friends to keep that motivation alive and keep me accountable.
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    Looking to lose about 30 pounds...need motivation to get moving! Feel free to add me :)
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    I need accountability BAD. Over 100 pounds to lose. Let's all be friends!
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    Hi!! Feel free to add me!! :) I'd love accountability too!
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    Add me too! I'm Michaéla, I will be 28 in February. I am a stress eater and with 4 deaths in the family since Octoober of '14 the pounds have really started piling on. I went from 179 in March of 2014 to 241 this morning. I am 5'3 :(
    My first goal is to get down to 225, and I would LOVE to lose 10 of it by my birthday. I am a fitbit wearer and need to get some more challenges going.