Today I said Goodbye

Today I said goodbye to the old me. I said goodbye to the bad habits, the poor choices, and the delicious apple pie I had for dessert. I said hello to the wiser me who takes better care of my health, the one who can walk up more than two flights of stairs without getting winded, and can buy all the cutest clothes. I said hello to the woman other women smack their husbands for staring at in the store. Because that's how I see myself and the incongruity of my mental image and reality is not something I can tolerate any more. Today is the last time I will have to admit I weigh 228 lbs at 5'4"!

I have a hard time with perseverance. So this time I will make friends and hold myself accountable and try again.


  • Wishing you the best....I just started my journey. You are more than welcome to add me and we can encourage/support each other :)
  • AMS58
    AMS58 Posts: 183 Member
    Good luck with your journey :smile: I like your new mind set but remember little baby steps first. Just make little changes at a time and it takes time to make a new habit. Add me if you wish :smile:
  • dark_sparkles37019
    dark_sparkles37019 Posts: 114 Member
    I'm 230 at 5'8.. My eating has been horrible these past two days, but I'm starting over and drinking water right now. My plan is to drink more water and go from there.
  • jenwil1999
    jenwil1999 Posts: 38 Member
    Wow, I had to check that I hadn't posted this myself. I'm the same weight and height, and your sentence about "the incongruity of your mental image and reality" is exactly how I feel!