Limited Space, Time and Resources

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I have been working out for almost a year, but since winter started I have found myself very limited to the exercises I can do. I work full time, have a child and live in a very rural area. My nearest gym is a half hour drive away and walking/running outside in the dark is out of the question as it's not safe until the evenings get longer. Can anyone recommend exercises for me? I have a treadmill and run almost every day on it, have a multi-gym that I use and kettle bells and free weights. I'm limited for space so I've been going back and forth between a few exercises (squats, swings etc) that I like, but find myself getting bored easily and not feeling it anymore. I would preferably like exercises that give maximum effect in the short amount of time I have every day to exercise. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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    google bodyweight exercises,

    dvds or youtube might be good? insanity is loads of fun!!
  • unsuspectingfish
    unsuspectingfish Posts: 1,176 Member has a lot of good bodyweight workouts and programs.
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    Google HIIT work outs. Personally I love The Body Coach - 20 mins, minimal (if any) equipment and only a tiny amount of floor space needed.