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Lifts for Long Teleconferences and Car Rides?

First, please accept my apologies, as I feel this is likely a really, really stupid question, but when I'm on a teleconference for a few hours or a long car ride, I just feel like I could jump out of my skin, now that exercise is an intrinsic part of my life.

I am hoping to assuage that by keeping a couple of 10-lb dbs in my office, and taking some on a long car ride this weekend. Does anyone have any suggestions for either place? Obviously it would be (I hope) more of a metabolic workout, and would not be a replacement for any of my heavier lifting. Here is what I have thought of so far:

Car Ride:

bicep curls
hammer curls
front raise (palms up/palms down)
concentration curls


All of the above, plus:

Lateral raises
Bent over flies
Bent over rows
BW squats
BW lunges
Overhead press
triceps press
triceps dips

Thank you for any suggestions you can give me for this odd request. :#