I've just been told Diet Coke makes you fat

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I've just been told Diet Coke makes you fat (I love Diet Coke)...by a friend who is currently choking down salmon (she detests salmon, but its "good for you" and she does this every January for the whole month. There is also a lot of kale, which she also hates but is "good for you"). She is easily 3st overweight, but apparently my calorie and sugar free drink is going to make me fat because the "chemicals in it make you fat so you drink more and can't lose weight". I'm not sure if this is a rant or a smh moment, but dear god, I just had to tell someone!!


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    I have heard this also but not for that reason. I have heard somewhere that the sweet taste of diet coke tricks your brain into producing certain chemicals within your stomach/ intestines to help process the sugar that is about to receive, however, when no sugar comes into your stomach the chemicals released act negatively in some way.

    Personally I think it's all twaddle as I have a can at lunch and still manage to lose weight but even if it detrimental to you at least it's not full fat coke which would be far worse.

    Others may know more than I
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    My reply to her was "yeah, I'm sure its my diet coke that made me gain weight and not the extra 1000 odd calories a day". her reply was "Calorie counting is BS, you should just eat super-foods".

    I am at my desk with visions of grapes in capes.....

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    The theory behind the fat gain from diet drinks in general, is that the artificial sweeteners make you hungrier and therefore eat more. I've never had an issue with pepsi max/ coke zero/ zero sugar monsters. It's a diet food industry scam.
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    I always love the people who make claims like this. They are usually the ones with weight issues and somehow gained knowledge when they started dieting on "clean" foods.

    I use to work in a gym and this was all I heard in January. people who had suddenly seen the light and their body was their temple (for a few weeks) and I'd hear people scoffing at the protein bars we sold ( "I couldn't eat that muck!! There's more protein in a chicken breast and some broccoli than a protein bar...." etc etc). We would just grit our teeth until it was over..... I'm all for bettering yourself, but scoffing at people who did fitness for a living cos some TV doc said something and everyone fell at his feet to hand him cash.....
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    I went from a 42 waist to a 35 and lost 50 pounds and counting and I drink a LOT of Diet Coke.

    It might have that impact on certain people, but not all?