Loose 30 pounds before June



  • mhankosk
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    Starting weight (1/2): 201.3
    Weigh ins:
    (1/16): 195.4
    (1/23): 193.2
    Goal weight by June 1: 165
    Percent of the way there: 22.3% (woo)
  • Spartan_Gingi
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    I'm in! I'm getting married in June.
    Started at 196
    Today's weigh in (Tuesday): 170.00 on the nose :)
    I have my diary set at 1000 cals, but that's only so that when I go over I don't feel bad. I aim for about 1200 per day.
    June Goal Weight: 145 lbs
    I work at not having carbs at dinner time (no pasta, no rolls, etc).
  • __TMac__
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    This sounds interesting :)
    I have PCOS and losing weight is really difficult but I want to see if I can do this.

    CW: 240
    GW by June: 210

    I had PCOS too (I guess I still do technically, not sure), took me quite a while to get pregnant with my second kid but when I got below 200 I got pregnant in no time and later got pregnant with my daughter when I got back to 200 again but still didn't have real regular periods. Well after having my daughter I found out I was gluten sensitive (caused rashes on my hands, etc) and lost 70 lbs in 5 months) I have kept off 50 of that (I was a little over 210 when I gave it up) and have only gained 20 from eating gluten free junk food ,have gained it over the last 2 years. But to the point, since losing that weight and not having gluten I have had no gyno issues related to PCOS and I have a normal cycle (well just a bit longer than most people I guess 30-34 day cycle) but haven't been regular like that ever before,even as a teen, my cycles would come every few months and occasionally I would have to take a medicine just to get a cycle. I am guessing it was the weight loss that changed by body,doubting gluten had anything to do with it but no clue,if you look up gluten sensitivity symptoms there are quite a few and many people have their symptoms go away after giving it up,not saying everyone should give up gluten but its worth looking into (not the same as celiac) and if nothing else it can be given up short term for jump start on weight loss (there are still plenty of carbs you can have such as rice and gluten free cereals,etc)

    I laughed when I read this. I have PCOS as well, and conceived both of my children when I hit exactly 207 lbs. I'm back there again in 7 more lbs, but I'm done having kids. That's also the weight at which I move from obese BMI to just overweight.
  • maximax2016
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    I am game! New to this but it's on !
  • mellamamelindaaa
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    any one else make an inspiration board, to help them through the journey?
    I made one my last attempt and it was soo helpful.
    I had inspirational quotes and images, plus a countdown of pounds I hoped to lose.
    I love finding images like this one to keep things light & funny since the journey is anything but that!
    Gonna work on making a new one the next few days, definitely gonna add this image. lol
  • rita212010
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    I would like to join, I am 5, 6
    CW 191
    GW 161

    After having my second son the weight never came off. Now I am serious about this. Started logging my intake and I will work out 5x a week. Weights and Hiit . Let's do this!
  • majesticdj
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    I'm in! I just started a weight loss challenge at work and although there is a large prize pot that is very motivating.. Im also ready for a big change.
    Start weight: 217 :s
    Current weight: 208
    Goal: 165
  • Annaxlisex
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    Guys I'm stuck at a stand still. I suffer with a really slow metabolism think I might have canadida in my intestines anyone else suffer with this and what can help I've started drinking naturalyoghurt with fresh ginger and lemon see if it works . Sucks :'( .
  • bigeflores
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    Count me in too!

  • mellamamelindaaa
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    it's weigh-in day for me


    Weigh in dates (every sunday)
    1/22: 194.4 lbs
    1/29: 191.6

    Total weight lost so far : -2.8 lbs

    Pretty good considering I struggled a little this week since the uterus ninjas came for a visit lol
    I ate lots of gelato and never even attempted to work out. Gonna try to make that a priority this week.
  • NewGemini130
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    I'm weighing in Sundays too- one more down! Good job everyone!

    Challenge start weight Jan 22: 177
    Weekly weight Jan 29: 176
    June goal weight: 146
  • sfa90
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    Current weight: 70,8 kg
    Goal weight: 60kg by june

  • Nejah2018
    Nejah2018 Posts: 22 Member
    It Monday I'm back with less of me -1.2lb not bad
    SW 190
    CW 186.8
  • Fififox9
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    Hi! Is it o.k if I join? I started on 2nd January and have spent the first month changing my eating habits - cutting out 98% of rubbish and increasing intake of veg, introducing a lot of lentils and lowering intake of rice, pasta and potatoes. I have increased the amount of time spent on food preparation to include stocking up on healthy homemade snacks in the fridge to keep me out of temptation's way. I need to start working on exercising now! I need to lose about 50lbs and am giving myself till Christmas Eve to do it. 30lbs by June sounds like a great target to achieve!

    SW - 192lb
    CW - 184lb
    TW - 140lb (may be a bit optimistic but I will try).
  • Scochrane86
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    Highest Weight - 275 (May 2016)
    Starting Weight - 210
    Goal Weight - 180
    Ultimate Goal - 140

    1/30/17 - Week #1 - 206lbs

  • angmarie28
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    no weight loss this week, im sure i have water retention from my new workouts
  • sure2014
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    I would like to join. I am 185.7 and want to lose 30 lbs by summer. Please share some exercise regimes. I cannot do jumping or on floor exercises.
  • mellamamelindaaa
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    sure2014 wrote: »
    I would like to join. I am 185.7 and want to lose 30 lbs by summer. Please share some exercise regimes. I cannot do jumping or on floor exercises.


    Unsure of how to add a link but you can copy & paste that into your browser (if the click able link doesn't show). Those are all workouts you can do while sitting in a chair. Hope it's helpful.
  • dasklinik
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    I'm in.
    I'm a terrible emotional eater and gained about 30 pounds in the last 2 years.
    I have joint inflammation that gets worse with grains. Today I officially started staying away from grains. I try to eat around 1,200-1,300 healthy calories; 40 carbs, 30 protein, 30 fat.
    Height: 5'2"
    CW : 189.2
    1st GW : 150
    Ideal GW:140
  • kristenbernasconi
    30 days in, I'm down 6.4lbs