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Hey guys! I'm a former MFP user who severely and sincerely benefitted from the accountability and amazing people that come along with this app! :-) So I am back to lose a few more pounds, and reach my final goal! I'm looking to exchange tips, motivation and inspiration and perhaps the occasional recipe? ;-) I basically need a whole lotta BFF's (I totally need the bro's here too!!) I'm starting fresh so that means NO PALS on the friends list! So please feel free to add me!

I'm Kayla, and I'm from Canada!
I love to get a lot of my fitness in by being outdoors - hiking, walking, snow shoeing, you name it! mainly because I love it so much - it doesn't even feel like exercise to me, but because I do suffer from anxiety that sometimes makes the gym overwhelming. That being said - I do have a membership at a local gym that I still go to at least 4 times a week. (Mostly for the sauna, let's be real ;-)) I am a crazy cat lady, a makeup enthusiast and I work at a pet store!!
Enough about me though - please tell me some things about you in the replies, I'm so excited to be back and to meet new, amazing and inspiring humans.


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    Added you i habe a favebook page I help people free of charge reach weightloss goals over in the UK at the moment
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    Hi Kayla! I also benefited from MFP a couple years back. Since then, I've gotten away from the accountability and have gained an unhealthy amount of weight. It's time to start again. Since you are too, I'd be happy to add you if you'd like another encourager in your friend list! Nice username, btw! :)
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    Add me as well
  • Fantastic that you do something that scares you 4x weekly! Not many people can say that. :smile: This is my first time on MFP! I gained weight after an injury that left me more or less sedentary. It was so depressing, but thankfully my doctors say I'm OK to work out again! I would love to be MFP...pals. :smiley: I'll add you!
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    Hi! I tend to come and go from MFP....but am back at it. It is so helpful! I am also a crazy cat lady and an outdoor enthusiast. I do go to the gym...I am lucky to have a husband who loves it and we go together. I don't love the sauna, but you can find me in Pilates, the pool and occasionally the hot tub.